2 May 2010

Blimey - Ben’s Five Months

Ben’s reached the dizzy heights of five months old! He feels older than he did last week, or the week before - or the week before that. Here’s a video to show you what Ben got up to when he was four months old:

The black and white pictures of Ben at the beginning show him growing up until now, and then in colour is all of the new stuff. Ben discovered that playing with toys is fun last week and he stole my hat this morning and wouldn’t give it back - reflecting what Sheila did when she was his age. Except Sheila really didn’t give it back until we’d ran across two fields and I was really angry. Huffing and puffing. Sheila was a little minx.

PS. The head-cocking is very funny in this! Ha ha! Look at his head!

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