23 May 2010

The End of the Titch

I’ve got some sad news for fans of Titch and Tilly - Titch has grown up enough to be sold! Sob!

It has taken Titch, our oldest boy, since November to get this big, because of the bad Winter he went through with sister Tilly.

Titch has a go at Sheila.

Titch is protected from Sheila by his Lady Friend who didn’t quite make the weight needed, but was let in with him to stop him going crazy on his own.

Titch and his lady friend are quite alike.

I think he knows.

This lamb is being weighed - but he wasn’t big enough.

“Lucky bugger.” Titch is on a halter because he jumped out of this trailer first, and he had to be put back in.

You will never escape, Titch.

Yesterday was also very, very hot. To make the most of it, Sheila and I went to do some sunbathing on the highest hill. Mmm… rays…

Sheila was given a bath on Thursday. Looks like she’ll need another one very soon.

Sheila couldn’t resist having a look at the sheep.

Sheep are curious animals, and for the half hour that we sat there, they got closer. Even Darkie and Rita said ‘hello’.

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