21 May 2010

A Wild and Wet Wednesday

Last Wednesday was very wet as it had been raining all night. When I went out that morning, I let Sheila and Ben run around the yard while I did some chores. I didn’t bring my camera with me because I thought I wouldn’t need it - as if!

Sheila and Ben both were running around when Ben followed Sheila up onto a concrete platform, which led into a store shed. Ben had never been up there before, and so when Sheila went down the steps again, Ben was too scared and got stuck. When I saw this, instead of helping him, I saw a photo opportunity.

I lifted him off before he learned to get down and ran to the house to get my camera. This is the result:

I then moved them both onto the same platform.

Ben’s still angry with me for leaving him on the platform for too long.

After I took that photo, Sheila fell into some water and Ben learned how to get off the pillar. Now for some wildlife.

It’s a baby rabbit (or as my Dad likes to call them: ‘Rare-bits-o-good’).

And one of the two fox cubs in our area. They moved next door that same day. Click to see a larger image and then a fox cub.

And I just couldn’t resist this little guy:

Or this little guy:

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