9 May 2010

Lambing Round-Up

The very last lamb went out into the field today (yes, I know I said another lamb was the last one but this really is the last one!). Last year we got two new rams, Bernie…

And Ernie…

This is their video of when they first arrived.

They arrived on the 15th of August, and as you can see from the video, they got mixed receptions from the ewes - some were scared of them and others liked them, but did their hard work pay off?

Well, yes, because the Charollais cross Texel lambs are great! The got up and started sucking much quicker than the Texels or Suffolk crosses. The narrow shape of their head also means that they don’t hurt the ewe-lambs (what we call 2-year-old ewes, who are first-time mums) as much, so the ewe-lambs licked their lambs straight away and were much better mothers. That means they get to go into the field much more quickly.

This is a Charollais lamb and its mum.

And here’s another one (I think… it’s awful hard to tell).

Whenever they get into the fields, they can run…

Just don’t get lost.

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