3 May 2010

What the Fluke?

This morning was sunny, so Dad decided it would be a unique opportunity to round all of the ewe-lambs and tips at a certain out farm and fluke them all. We are so late with this - it was supposed to be done before Christmas! Christmas, I tell you!

We looked the sheep with Sheila a usual, and ran into Daisy.

After that, we had a debate - which dogs should we bring (since we now have Kim to choose from a well as Sheila, things can be tricky)? In the end we settled on Sheila for number of reasons - one of which was we could stop Sheila running off after cars and generally being crazy. We brought Fly along too, because of her brain.

Sheila has a look at the view. “Oooh, view…”

“I’m not crazy - just plain crazy. Oh.”

“Get the good side…”

“I’m fed up now - go talk to someone else.”


Fly has a run around, just a field away from the edge of Tollymore Forest Park.

Head to head - and winning.

Running to catch up with Fly.

The beautiful view of the Mourne Mountains and Tollymore Forest Park, but for Sheila, fox wee is much more interesting. I tell you.


  1. Lovely view there, and oh don't those dogs love to roll in something stinky!

  2. You're welcome! (on the first comment). There were times that I had wanted to leave one before, but could never find a spot. Glad you have added that option.