29 June 2010

Ben: Mushroom Food

Ready to go, Ben?

That’s a yes, then.

“We’re having fun, aren’t we, mum?”

“Mmmm… water…”

“Stick! Throw it! Throw it!”

“I didn’t agree to this.”

Ben! You look sweet! Look at you in your little mushroom!

“It’s embarrassing and sick. On so many levels.”

“I don’t like mushrooms any more.”

Sheila doesn’t do mushrooms. She does relaxing on mum’s tummy in the evenings.

Sheila does, however, love round bales. She can eat them for hours.

“Heave! Die!”

She likes to scare them all, pulling on the ‘tails’ or loose ends.

“Die! Die!”

“Ha ha! Pinned you! Die, darn it!”

Sheila doesn’t really eat the plastic. She just pulls it and spits out when it stops moving (or ‘dies’).

“DIE!!! Must kill bale!”

“Wow. I thought I had it tough. Those poor bales.”

Ben’s wet walk in the fields really brightened up his day. He was stuck inside because of the bad weather, but in the evening the weather cleared up and Ben was able to go out and have a walk. The fields were still wet (especially in the long grass) and he got soaked. He didn’t mind - he is a Sprollie after all. Then he didn’t want to go in and I had to lift him.

Oh - and did I mention… I’M FREE! SUMMER HOLIDAYS! WOOP WOOP!

Fox Alert!
As I wrote this post, a large fox like this one came to the window and looked in at me, my Dad and my Granny.


  1. Looks like everyone had a blast!!

    Elizabeth & Luna

  2. It's always interesting to see how things are done in Ireland. Here, the round bales are wrapped in white or light green plastic. Funny about Sheila pulling on the ends:)
    What is that mushroom thing, is it a salt or mineral feeder?
    And I remember well that feeling of freedom when the summer holidays hit:) Yay, enjoy them!

  3. Well my first thought was that mushroom was a creep feeder for the lambs, but then I thought the ewes could get under there, so changed my guess to the mineral feeder:)
    I don't think I have ever seen black plastic round bales here. Most of them are white, but sometimes you see a lot of the light green ones, depending on the farmer I guess. I tried googling to find out about the different colours, but didn't really find an explanation, other than white refects the heat, which would make me think that black absorbs the heat:) Maybe ask your Dad?:)
    Good luck at the dentist, my favourite place, NOT!
    If I get a chance, I'll ask the farmer that just got white round bales done next door, but I tend to take what he says with a grain of salt!