26 June 2010

Two Dogs on the Brink of World War III

On Thursday, Sheila and Fly were helping us to mark and electronically tag the 29 lambs ready for market.

Fly isn’t afraid to get stuck in.

Among them were some lambs with top-knots…

And some lambs that looked slightly evil…

But there was one familiar face…

This lamb belongs to our Tilly, the oldest pet sheep we have. This is Tilly:

Her lamb looks nothing like her.

I never even gave this lamb a name (I ran out of ideas).

That job made Sheila hot and tired, so she had a break in the link box.

Ben, on the other paw, did absolutely nothing with the sheep. He simply doesn’t care.

“Hey! I like football. Maybe I could play in the World Pup?”

That evening, I took Sheila, Kim and Ben out for a run in the field. Sheila was being mean miss bitey face, started a fight with Kim and so had to be tied to the gate.

Kim and Ben get on really well.

See? House. On. Fire.

On Friday, I took all three out again, this time to check the sheep. Sheila and Kim seem to have settled their differences.

“I hate you.”

Then I saw them looking at some poor, poor creature that they could both pick on.

“La, la, la, la…”

Oh dear.


  1. Hopping through from the blog hop. Love your pictures!

  2. Just visiting from the hop!

    This is too funny - love the captions. I have dogs that would have pretty much the same conversation!

  3. Woof! wow those are some funny looking animuls!!! do you guys really argue like dat????
    On my way to the next blog in the blog hop! Have a great saturday!

    giant wet kisses,

  4. Have a great weekend. We love your blog!

    Emma Rose

  5. Loved the video...she looks great! The way she moves reminds me of my Beth. I could watch a dog on sheep all day...

  6. Love your blog! Your pics are gorgeous! Thanks for dropping by ours and leaving your comments! We wouldn't have found your gorgeous blog otherwise!xx