1 June 2010

Jack’s First Post

This is Jack, a Springer Spaniel-Border Collie cross. He hasn’t really featured in the blog before so he’s very excited.

Unfortunately for him, he has to share his first post with our Kim. I took them both to the garden on Sunday. Kim’s coming to get him!

Kim was actually quite mean to Jack, because she wanted to play with all of the toys. If Jack got hold of a toy at all, she would growl at him and I had to tell her off.

The odd time, Jack did manage to get hold of a toy - but it didn’t last long.

Kim says, “Give me that now!!!”

Jack eventually gave up altogether, and resorted to sniffing. Now it was up to me to get him a toy.

“Right! That’s enough about Kim!”


I put him on a lead so he didn’t run too far away from the camera, and gave him a tennis ball to chew - he loved it. Kim did come once and steal it off of him, but I managed to get it back.

He made sure he got that ball nice and slobbery!

He did look at Kim sometimes, as she was playing with her ball rather violently!

I was very pleased with this picture of Jack - it sums him up nicely.

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