1 June 2010

Suckie’s Summer Style

On Monday, over 150 sheep were sheared.

Ben added a helpful paw.

Those 150 sheep included Darkie, who was the first to be sheared, and Suckie, who before being sheared had a visit to the garden.


“I’m coming!”

“Sorry, I’m late for my own post! Hello.”

I took Suckie for a walk and she was very well behaved. She’s really the Queen of Green!

Suckie also offers free lawn mowing services.

After a while, I took Suckie around the farm to meet my Mum and my Granny, and to get my photo taken with her. What do you think?

My Mum is definitely not a natural person with the camera, and her comments included: “You’re moving on the screen,” which was counteracted with: “Yes! Now push the button!”

After that episode, I took Suckie into the sheep shed were the shearing was taking place, and had her clipped, and put on the halter again.

“Don’t look at me - I’m terrible!”

“Please don’t!”

“Oh - you did.”

Suckie’s now ready for the Summer sunshine!


  1. Great pictures.

    Suckie looks a lot cooler now :-)


  2. Was Suckie a bottle baby? Just wondered if that is why she is so tame.