2 June 2010

Snowy, Some Men and a Sprollie

Yesterday was the day of reunions, as I came home from school on a mission to find the long lost lamb, Snowy. She was a hard one to spot, mostly because she looks like the other sheep, and also because I haven’t seen her since last August! Her flock are wilder because they do not see people as often, because hey have lived on an out farm for nearly a year. I had a look, but they ran away. So I went to see if my Dad knew if she had been clipped yet. It turned out that she had been sheared and was standing in the yard where I couldn‘t find her. I went back in search of her and found her surprisingly quickly. There was one ewe who stood and watched me. Then I noticed the face, the long tail and the nose… it was Snowy!

Oh how that made me smile. I took a few photos and left them alone, before they stormed back into the sheep house and ran over my Dad and the three men helping him to shear sheep.

Notice anyone?

Snowy! Hi, Snowy!

Bernie and Ernie are also in along with this flock. I caught up with them later.

Ernie grazing on the highest hill on the farm (this is also where we watch the fireworks at Halloween).

Bernie having a look at the camera.

Bernie is still looking and Ernie is… uh… I don’t know what he’s doing.

As well as this, I have come up for a name for Ben’s ‘breed’ - meet the brown and white Sprollie!

Well, I thought it was good.

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