1 July 2010

The Apple

On Tuesday, I found an apple in my pocket. My big coat has big pockets, and combine this with my forgetful head, I found an apple I didn’t know I had. Sheila quickly had a grab of it and decided to protect it from Ben and his kind.

The only way she could save it was by eating it.

Ben wanted it. “Can I have it?”

Ben still wanted it. He tried using brute force.

That didn’t work. “Mum, can you sort this out?”

Umm… no. I’ll film it instead.


  1. Hi...new to your blog from Western Oregon. We have 2 herding dogs, though neither herds our sheep. One carries around sticks and the other naps. Say, can you tell me what song you used for the video showing your "tractor dog" - it was terrific. Your pictures are great too.

    We were in Ireland a few years ago and the beauty of it was the inspiration for me to move from the city to the country. What a great decision!

    All the best...Marianne

  2. lol love that video!! I didn't know apples were that valuable in dog world! Poor Ben just wanted a tiny taste!

  3. Sheila you need to share!!
    Poor little Ben..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  4. Woof! Woof! Mmmm Apple Delish!!! Just have to be very careful with the seeds. I (mom) did different recipes with Apples - you can check my blog. Golden Thanks for supporting me to be June Top UDog. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  5. Sheila is very good with Ben, who is a pushy little blighter:) I mean she could really have let him have it as he didn't seem to be heeding her 'get lost' growls. Sheila also is a very delicate eater, our three would have been chomping hard on that apple. They pick up the ones that fall off the tree and eat them, and Jake will also use them as a ball if he can't find the real thing.

  6. I love apples, too!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I am your newest follower - hope we can be friends!

    Your pal, Pip

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