3 July 2010

Ben’s Big Bales

Yesterday, Ben was very tall…

…because he was on top of a big round bale.

“You blew my cover!”

Lots of bales.

This is a very short line of bales, compared to the one I made in 2007 with Sheila. Can you count them all?

Sheila wasn’t impressed. “Zzzzz…”

The finished product.


  1. You guys sure are COOL! I don't think I could ever figure out how to climb up there!

    Your pal, Pip

  2. Any chance we could get one or two of those rolled our way?


  3. Hop hop hop....Looks as though Ben and Sheila have plenty of space to roam....beautiful! Have a wonderful and safe 4th! High Paws!

  4. Boy those sure look like fun. Do you tink you could send me one?

    Wiggles & Giggles,
    Lucy Lou & Her Human

  5. Ahhh, I see you have regular marshmallows and burnt marshmallows:)
    My son said he has seen SOME black bales here, and he is the one that called them burnt marshmallows:)