10 July 2010

King ram and his almighty...


Oi! Don't dis the field! Go play with Ben or something.

Ha ha! I have the ball!

Me too... *EVIL stare from Sheila*

 Ben and Sheila are slowly but surely learning to play together, but there are still lots of growls from Sheila because Ben is a pushy little bugger.

No, I'm not. *Licky, licky...*

But Sheila knows how to hold her own.

One step... and I'll bite you face off!!!

 Unfortunately for her, it never works.

Dive BOMB!!!

My cousin James was over for two days, but he didn't bring his little Bichon Frise, Sue, with him. I wasn't able to take any photos of her so I stole these ones off his camera instead.

Can I join in? Can I join in? Can I join in? Can I join in? Can I join in? Can I join in? Can I join in? Can I join in? Huh? Can I join in? Can I join in? Can I?

No, Sue - you don't live here.

Awwwwww.... I'll jut go to sleep then...

Ha ha! When you were away, mum, I got the ball from Sheila... all by myself!

No, you didn't.

It was really funny watching Sheila and Ben fight over the balls. Poor Ben - he was trying.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh! Ball! Now! Please! *Grrrs from Sheila*

I'm the man here, so can I have the ball? *More Grrrrs from Sheila*

Eventually, Ben lost interest and went off to do other stuff.

Yay! I'm soooo pleased! *Grin*

Huh. Kids. So silly these days. Back in my day, there wasn't a ball to go round, don't ya know?


  1. What beautiful photos! They make me think of England. Love your blog - I'll be back often.

  2. Ah, poor Ben. You tried, that's what counts!

  3. Sheila, that is quite an evil stare. I am afraid!

    Your pal, Pip

  4. Sue reminds me alot of my Oscar (aka Sir Fetch-a-lot) Wishing you a happy Saturday from the Sat Blog Hop!

  5. hi new furends~!! happy 100th post~!! :D
    i would love it if you could join me in a couple days to celebrate my 100th post. all you have to do it pee-mail me picture of yourselves w/ a tie, bowtie, scarf, bow, or in a tux or dress. i hope you can come~! :)