12 July 2010

It’s rather quite depressing

To have a dog with a limp.


Poor Sheila. She has mysteriously caught a limp in her right front leg. It started on Saturday, and hasn't gotten better yet. I've been trying to give her a rest - but you try telling a Border Collie to rest!

Huh? Rest? What's rest? Never heard of it. *Limp limp limp*

That dog can't be stopped. Between chasing cars on the other side of the fence and fighting with Ben, she doesn't stop.

Car! Car... car! Lorry! Car! *Jumps at gate*
I see... cars...

Sheila was always a bit of a drama queen.

Oh... woe is me...
Ben & Sheila

Ben thinks she's faking it.

How dare you?!
The (un)happy couple...

I'm going to KILL you, Ben! I'll show you faking!
Sheila and Ben

Despite her limp, Sheila was determined to give Ben some injury at all costs.

Sheila says, You can fake this! *Pounces on Ben, lots of screaming*
Pounce! Shock! Legs!

Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! *More screaming*

She is totally focused on Ben.

Sheila kills...

And it's all my fault because I didn't bring the lead. Oops.

It's OK, it's OK. I've calmed down now.

Hello! *Limp limp limp*

Not really, Ben doesn't have a limp. It just took a long session of barking angrily, chasing in circles and general meanness for Ben to admit Sheila had a limp.

I didn't see it - that's all I'm saying.

Ben stayed wary of Sheila for the rest of the day.

I better go before she attacks me again - see ya!


  1. These are AMAZING pictures!!! I hope Sheila feels better soon - though it sure doesn't look like the limp is slowing her down!

    Your pal, Pip

  2. awww poor sheila! Maybe she has a booboo on the bottom of her paw?
    Yeah, she is definitely going to milk it for some extra attention!

    Great pics!

  3. I truly enjoyed your photo commentary! I love Border Collie's but have never had the pleasure of meeting a Sprollie Hope to some day.