14 July 2010

Soap, suds and a whole lot of elbow grease

Dog With Limp and co. got a bath on Monday, while the weather was sunny and the wind wasn't blowing so hard. The only problem is that Ben, Sheila and Kim all hate water very much.

Don't, do not come near me with that wet stuff! You hear me?

We started with Ben. He had his first bath back in April so it's been a while since Ben has been washed. I tried my best last time to make it as nice as possible for him, but it didn't seem to work. As soon as the water basin arrived, he tensed up and got all scared, grabbing at the quad's dashboard with his claws in a bid to get out. My mum was on holding duty, keeping all of the dogs in the front on the lead. The reason why you don't see her here or in any of the photos is because she ran off as soon as I took the camera out!

I hate your mum. *Shudder*
Wet Ben

Ben was washed in no time at all. I really don't know what he was bothering about.

I'm... WET! *Sob*
Wet Ben

Kim was next. She's moulting now, so I had to give her a good brush before her bath. While getting her brush, which she quite liked, she made herself look as small as possible.

I know what's coming next. I KNOW!
Slender Kim

She really enjoyed that brush, but the bath, not so much. In saying that, Kim is the best of the three at getting a bath. She doesn't try to climb out, she doesn't try to make it difficult for me, she just stares at me like this:

Please. Stop. Please.

In fact, that's worse than trying to jump out. It just melts your heart, doesn't it? Once again, my Mum was on holding duty.

I hate your mum. *Shudder*
Wet Kim

Last, but not least, is Sheila (or Dog With Limp). She's the worst at getting a bath because she will try again and again to get out. And she's done it before. Sheila's never really liked water and she always avoids it if she can.

It's horrible stuff, you know.
Wet Sheila

This time, though, mum managed to keep her in the box.

I hate your mum - and you for pouring this water on my head. *Shudder*
Wet Sheila

Sheila hates water. Fact.


  1. lol the dogs like getting baths!

  2. I am with Sheila - hate the whole bath thing and water!

    Your pal, Pip

  3. We all hate bathtime! But we loved your pictures :)

    Emma Rose

    PS Ben is so cute when he's wet.

  4. that's a nifty way to give dogs baths. My dogs all love the water, in fact they are crazy to play in the hose, but they all hate baths.

  5. I'm finding from this that it's a mutual hate between dogs and baths!

  6. ooooh i feels your pain. I HATE BATHS too. :/


  7. We never like bath time either. Mom just gets out the hose. Of course Louie loves the hose so he doesn't see a problem with a bath.. Mom just has to stand on the hose and scrub at the same time.. Kind of comical..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie