16 July 2010

Petrol head

Look everyone! It's Kim on a trailer!

Well, this is embarrassing.
Kim on the trailer

When she's on the trailer, Kim can't get down, so she has to stay there.

Suckie, stop sniffing the generator.


Sorry. It's nice though... *Sniff*

On Wednesday, we had the single busiest day ever (well, apart from lambing). We went outside to select lambs for selling at 12 o'clock, and we didn't come back inside again until 4.30pm. A long day of standing, shouting and general work.

We started off by selecting lambs for market on Thrusday. Freddie was ready.

Ready?! For what?

Um... I'll tell you later.

Suckie, his mum, couldn't care less. The lambs were all weaned off their mums last week.

I'm totally over it. Look at me, aren't I pretty?

Yes, nice and fat.

Fat?! Me?! How dare you!
Fat? Me!?

I'll have you know that I'm a healthy weight.

Anyway, back to work. We sprayed the ewes for flystrike, and gave them a footbath for their feet. A footbath is basically some acid in some water which the sheep walk through. It should kill all of the bacteria on their hooves and stop them getting sore feet in the future.

Out of the footbath

Thursday came, and Freddie was tagged up and taken away in the trailer. Poor guy.


We sort of forgot about Kim until today.

Can I get down now?

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