18 July 2010

The Castlewellan Show

Please note: this is a long post, so please be patient while the photos and video load.

First off, a video of my Ben licking some lambs. Don't ask.

Next up, the Castlewellan Show. This is the most local of the shows I go to, and it happened on Saturday. It takes place in the grounds of Castlewellan Castle, surrounded by Castlewellan Forset Park. There was rain and mud.

Castlewellan Castle

I walked around a bit. I saw some horses. I like Clydesdales, but not as much as Shire horses.

Horse at Castlewellan Show

I did some more wandering about, when I stumbled into Lacey.


She's a five-year-old Collie, and she's pretty.

See me? I'm pretty.

More dandering, and a new purse from Guide Dogs (which shall come in very handy), I ran into...

Hi. I'm Harry.

Harry is a three-year-old Sheltie. I think that name suits him very much. He also didn't want to put his ears up. Patience always pays off, though.


You were just lucky.

Then there was a moment of awesomeness, for there, in front of me, was Ben.


Only kidding! This is Lucy, a four-year-old Sprollie. I looked at that dog and I saw Ben. They are so alike, it's scary. They have even got the same tounge movements: look, lick.

On the way to the dog agility, was the sheep ring. This is one of my favourite sheep shots ever. I showed it to my Granny and she thought that I hadn't taken it, and that it was just a random photo I found on some website.

Blackface ewe and lambs

Next to the sheep were two Alpacas in a pen. They made a noise like a cow. It's a two-bodied Alpaca!


Here I am!

I went back over to the sheep and discovered a new breed that I had never herad of before. I don't even know how to pronounce it.


And this is what they look like in real life.

Ewe and lamb

I wandered around a few more of the pens, and found some more Blackface sheep. Must be really tiring to be on show.


Still making my way to the dog agility, I discovered the poultry tent.

Can you let me out?

I took a picture, and left. I'm not into poultry.

Finally, I made it to the dog agility.

Can we go? Like, now?
Waiting for a run

I'm taller now than I've ever been!
Corgi Agility

While I was taking those photos, I discovered that taking pictures of agility is hard. Anyway, Molly the seven-year-old Border Collie was spectating... her owner.

Hi, owner.

Did you know that Badgers can juuuuuummmmp!?

This is Badger the one-year-old Swedish Vallhund. He's speedee. This was a rare still moment.


Five minutes of wandering later...

Birds of prey

I met Ben, the Harris Hawk.

Ben the Harrishawk

Finally, a bit of agriculture.


Now, back to the dogs, and the next one I ran into was Slipper, who is eight-years-old.


Her owner was in the lucky position of having some ice-cream.

Can I have some?
Slipper: can I have ice-cream?

I'll show you my ears...

Thanks! I won't tell anyone... *Lick, lick, lick...*

Inspired, I went off to find myself some ice-cream. I found a van, asked for a small tub, got a massive tub, and then payed for it. Just as I handed the money over, on came the spits, followed by rain. To the tent! I ran into a couple of friends there, who pointed out some other friends and went home. My friend had brought her dog, Honey.

I'm guessing she doesn't like baths.


Can I have some food? *Bats eyelids*

Finally, we ran into some Friesian horses, one of our favourite breeds, so majestic.

Friesian Horse

 I love them.

Friesian Horses

Finally, it was time to head home, just as the sun came out. Of course.

The Castlewellan Show

Thanks to everyone who let me take pictures of their animals. This post wouldn't have been so long without you!

You can see the rest of the photos here, in the Castlewellan Show 2010 Set on Flickr.


  1. Wow, this looks like a fun day! Lots of cute animals - I especially like that little grey dog at the end. He looks about my size! Also, Harry, the Sheltie is cute - my mom loves shelties!

    Your pal, Pip

  2. Wonderful photos!!
    Wow, the horns on those sheep are really impressive. I thought the center one must be a ram, with a set like that, those are spectacular.
    Our first sheep were horned dorsets. I found the horns a really handy handle, if you needed to grab one of the sheep quickly.

  3. wow, how fun! So many great animals!

    Ben must think lambs taste yummy!

  4. I love Freesians too :) I've never heard of a sprollie before, Very Cool! :) Looks Like a WONDERFUL day!!! :)

  5. What great pictures.. You are not short you are just right...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie