21 July 2010

Vertically incorrect

Hello. It's me, Ben. Help me, I'm vertically incorrect!
Vertically incorrect

He's not really that short, it's just the way he's standing ('cause I put him on the wall to take photos).

Do I look awsome or what?

Ben doesn't like walls.

Screw you!
Down we go!

Yeah, that's right - jump down from the wall head first into the pointy, stingy plants!

Anyway, after tea, I was bored - time to torture a dog.

Why me?

Because you're brown, and we have a brown chair.

Well, it is quite nice...

Poor Ben, he does suffer so...

I'm hungry... I'm so hungy...
Ben and his "friend"

After I took this picture, Ben decided to eat poor Andrex's tail, and then a shoe.

*Onom, nom, nom...*
Eat shoes time

Attack shoe!

GHFsheepdogs is not endorsed by TESCO.

Not endorsed by TESCO...

But Ben is.


After this, the box fell over and scared the wits out of Ben, who then proceeded to flee from the room in terror. Silly man.

Crumb on nose alert!

A-he he!
Have a crumb-free Wednesday!


  1. Following you via Welcome Wednesday. Pls follow me back too when you get the chance @ http://masalabowl.blogspot.com/

  2. Your land, with all the sheep, and Ben of course! is beautiful. We have visited Ireland, in the southwest. We would love to come back for a visit someday, maybe we will go north this time.

    PS Poor Ben, terrified of a little dog bone box.

  3. Oh my goodness you made me laugh! I love to torture my dogs with the camera after tea too! Your pictures are gorgeous! Ben is such a little charmer. I would love to grab his little face, fluff his ears and kiss him on the head. Such a cutie!

  4. what a fun post--and ben you are super handsome~!!


  5. You look like a corporate executive on that brown leather chair!, Ben!

    Your pal, Pip

  6. From the pictures I have a feeling you live an idyllic life! How I wish I had all of that land to see from my window! I am crazy about sheep (and dogs, of course) so that's one reason why I am your newest follower. The other reason why I am your newest follower is b/c I found you on Friendly Follow Friday and I'm so glad I did!
    Follow me at http://theteacherspets.blogspot.com when you have time!