12 August 2010

Barking News: Rua's New Pups!

Do you remember Rua?


If I mention "Ben's Mum", do you remember now?

If you don't, let me fill you in. Rua's name comes from the Welsh word for 'Red' and she herself comes from Wales. She had Ben and pals on December 5th 2009. There were eight of them. They were supposed to be Border Collies, but turned out to be Sprollies. Here they are at six weeks (see if you can find Ben!):

Rua's owner decided to try again, and Rua gave birth to seven Border Collie puppies on August 10th 2010.

Rua and the Pups

While bringing the lambs to the collection point, my Dad asked about Rua, and that's when we got the news.

Here's what greeted us...

Seven puppies! Wow! Major puppy lust!

The surprising thing is, there are two black and white puppies in the litter, from two brown parents. It's thought that they bred back.

This is my favourite of the litter, a nice little brown and white female. Aww.

Border Collie Puppy

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  1. Thats great news except now I want one!!

  2. Something makes me think that another border collie is going to be added to your family....