14 August 2010

Sugar the sheep... at large

Last Tuesday, it was Sugar the Golden Retriever's birthday, and I gave her a present. I called a sheep Sugar (I was stuck on names, so Sugar it was). Let me tell you a little more about Sugar...

Sugar is a Suffolk sheep with a little bit of Texel in there, too. It's not much, but you can tell because if you saw her back legs, they are spotty in places -  a sign of Texel interference!

Nothin' wrong with a little bit of Texel is there?
Sugar the Sheep

Another thing you may notice about Sugar is that her face has little patches of light brown, another sign of Texel interference.

When Sugar was born, she was massive, huge and fat. She had lots of rinkles around her neck, a sign that she had plenty of room to grow. In fact, she was so big, her mum needed help getting her out. She grew quickly, and was strong and healthy. Her mum was good, too, and they were both out to the fields in no time. That was back in February, and today she is still massive (in fact, she's our biggest ewe lamb).

Healty weight, remember?

Sugar has had a life-long passion with food, and because she was so big, she kept getting stuck in the creep feeders. We would got to look the sheep every day, knowing that Sugar would be stuck. She was able to get in - but as she ate more, she got bigger, and bigger until she was stuck and couldn't get out. My dad had to lift the feeder every morning so she could get out and run off to her mum.

What can I say? It was so tasty...

Sugar might be having lambs next year, because of her size, or she might have lambs in 2012. We don't know for sure yet.


  1. Sugar is a beautiful sheep.
    I love the little patches of brown on her face.

  2. Woof! Woof! First ... it is truly an honor that you named you sheep Sugar. Sweet Sheep. We do share a LOVE for FOOD ... but I do lots of walking n running to burn it off n maintain my good figure. Hmmmm Lamb n Rice Doggie food sounds good to me BUT WAIT ... what do you mean????
    Sheep Sugar knows how to smile for the camera. Happy Weekend. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  3. Sugar is adorable! We laughed so hard about her getting stuck in the feeder. The Duchess says she can relate to that!

    Emma Rose

  4. We have never met a sheep in real life. Not sure how Davinia would feel about them being white and all. I guess she would need to meet a black sheep. BOL!

    As for Indiana she would probably just think it is a strange looking dog and say hello.

    Thanks for linking up with the Pet Bloggers Blog Hop. Hope you are having a fantastic weekend.

    Felissa, Davinia, and Indiana

  5. I like the Sufolk breed and I think Sugar will make a fine ewe.

  6. I think I would get along with Sugar, the sheep! I have a life long love of food (a little too much if you know what I mean), too. The vet is always trying to get me to lose weight ...

    Your pal, Pip