27 August 2010

Suckie Capture FAiL

On Saturday I took a notion that I would go out to the field and catch Suckie. What a stupid idea.

You see, Suckie is very tempermental - sometimes she would run to you and others she would avoid you. On Saturday, she was in "avoid mode".

I went into the field and sat near the gate, shook the bucket I'd brought of nuts and waited for Suckie to come running to food. To my surprise, she didn't, and all of the other sheep had ran off.

I walked up the hill, and the closer I got to the sheep, the further away they got. I shook the bucket again and they got scared off - and there was still no sign of Suckie!

After half an hour of me walking towards the sheep and the sheep running away, I gave up and headed for home, only to find that the sheep were running after me... lead by a very excited Suckie! I set the bucket down and this is what happened:

All of the ewes pilled in! I tried to ctach Suckie, but she was too fast for me, and ran off as soon as I got too close. Eventually she took her head out of the bucket for long enough to get a picture.

With Suckie, you can look but don't touch!


  1. What Awesome Pictures. I am in the process of trying to catch a lost Border Collie. We know his location but he is afraid of people. How Many sheep are in the Pastures?

  2. Great story! Suckie is very cute!

    Your pal, Pip

  3. I think they were playing fun games with you, they're probably still talking about how they gave the human the run-a-round LOL!