17 January 2011

Lights, Camera, Action! – Part One

Little Pip has a lot of patience.
09-13-01-11 (39)

She can even tolerate me taking photos of her while she’s waiting for her dinner.
09-13-01-11 (38)

Those were both indoor macro shots, by the way.

She will even sit outside for me while I take photos of her.
09-13-01-11 (1)

She’s a great poser.
09-13-01-11 (2)

This pup’s got some posing talent!
09-13-01-11 (4)

One dog with no such luck is Sheila. She hates the camera now. Simply hates it!

It hurts me to stay still. *Pout*
09-13-01-11 (26)

The only time she will stay still long enough is when she’s watching the sheep from the “safety” of the quad.
09-13-01-11 (31)

As for her level of patience…
16-01-11 (40)

Yeah… bit of a problem there.

I’m happy now because Annoying Thing™ has gone away.
16-01-11 (36)

Ben’s not an annoying thing, Sheila. He’s just… uh… fun-loving.

16-01-11 (38)

Ben has a thing for chasing Sheila. He just loves chasing Sheila around.
16-01-11 (23)

As you can probably tell, Sheila doesn’t enjoy that either. And so she retaliates.

Ahhh! She’s going to catch me!
16-01-11 (19)

Save me, Camera Lady!
16-01-11 (26)

I can’t seem to do anything right when that crazy lady’s around.
16-01-11 (5)

Do you think she’ll be angry when she realizes that I have her ball?
16-01-11 (32)


To be continued…


  1. Little Pip is more and more beautiful each day and she does have a lot of patience in front of the camera. I think little girls like camera!
    Those pictures are gorgeous.
    I still don't know how to use my new camera properly. I'm going to try the indoor macro shot tomorrow!

  2. Little Pip should be a model:)
    She is so beautiful!

  3. Oh how I miss the days of doggy camera love. I think I might have taken too many pictures of Lucy when she was a baby, because now she runs from the camera, where she used to pose for it. I'm so glad Pip is cooperating. Maybe I should send Lucy to your place for some debriefing.

  4. Love those photos and poses!! Beautiful!! xoxo Jada

  5. Hey Ben? Want to com over and play with me?

    Pip, you are quite the star! That last photo of you is just GORGEOUS!


  6. Little Pip has really talent for modelling! Wonderful photos and great moments! We have also one model and the other one prefers to disappear when I have camera.
    Sunny wishes from Teje and Nero

  7. Oh what great pictures..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  8. Sigh, little Pip is all grown up. I LOVE those pictures of Sheila and Ben running.

    Your pal, Big Pip

  9. Wow great shots & doggies!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  10. Pip's quite a looker!! His pictures are great! And we loved the ones of Sheila & Ben. That ball looks big enough to use as a tetherball!!

    Thanks for the well wishes for Sage. She's feeling a bit better today, but not up to her usual crazy self!
    Sage's Mom

  11. Pip sure got the makings of a GREAT model! & those are really great shots of the dogs!


  12. Beautiful photos! Gus will pose for photos, but is never very happy about it :)