16 January 2011

Teaching and Old Dog New Tricks

Last summer, I taught Fly how to stay. At 17-years-old, it took a while for her to understand that she had to stay in one spot, as she’d never been taught to stay before.
09-13-01-11 (60)

She didn’t need to stay really. Being a sheepdog, sitting still wasn’t a very important thing. On Thursday, I tried to take some more photos of her.
09-13-01-11 (59)

At first, Fly was a bit bored with the whole thing.
09-13-01-11 (58)

She had been helping with the ewes that morning and was – understandably – a little tired.
09-13-01-11 (43)

She spent most of her time looking at my dad, who was across the yard.
09-13-01-11 (44)

Then I remembered – treats! I taught Fly how to stay with treats! Just look at the difference!
09-13-01-11 (49)

She intstantly remembered how to stay. I was very impressed. Given her age, I would have understood if she’d forgotten. But not Fly. She knew what treats were!
09-13-01-11 (53)

And she soon got into the flow.
09-13-01-11 (55)

Posing for the camera.
09-13-01-11 (51)

And acting like royalty.
09-13-01-11 (50)

Looks like you can definitely teach and old dog new tricks!
09-13-01-11 (49)

Oh, and by the way, if your were wondering what Ben was holding in our last Wordless Wednesday, it was a Christmas chew.

And another thanks must go to Cherie for being our 100th follower! And thanks to everyone else for being numbers 1-99 and 101. It means a lot to me that you like coming to my blog. Thanks a billion!


  1. We think that Fly is absolutely gorgeous! In some of the photos, she looks like a puppy! And she's obviously a very clever girl. Of course we would never have expected anything else...


  2. Fly was so beautiful!!! I couldn't believe my eyes and reread it many time to make sure she is 17 years old. She looks great. Wait! She looks young and gorgeous!

  3. I can't tell you how happy I am to have found your site. Your pictures are incredible! It makes me determined to keep on practicing with my camera and Fly is beautiful.
    To be your 100th follower is very special, I just wish I had found your site sooner.

  4. Fly you are gorgeous. Love the poses.

  5. oh god she is beautiful. i so love old dogs. our boscoe is 15 1/2 and fly is his inspiration.

  6. What a smart dog you are, Fly!! And super-handsome too. But treats are the magic trick--that's what Mom does with Toby!

  7. Fly is so cute! Wow, 17 years old? That is just wonderful. You guys must give her an excellent life and take primo care of her! She looks healthy and happy. That is just great.

    Love the pictures!

    Paige & Simba

  8. It's me Buddy's person, I absolutely love the eyes! She seems very gentle and wise. I love to look at dogs' eyes. You can tell a lot about them. Especially working dogs. They have such an expectant look. I love the pictures!

  9. My mom is wondering if you could teach me to stay, sit, etc. I am 13 and still don't understand basic commands. Fly sure is beautiful!

    Your pal, Big Pip

  10. Fly is a very clever girl ... and quite youthful looking for her age.

  11. Fly is gorgeous! & very smart!


  12. Fly, what a sweet old girl. Still working hard with your dad and the flock at 17! I hope Ryker has such a wonderful and lasting life. Give her a big hug from us, will ya Ruth?

  13. Hello! Oh how I enjoyed this post with so many wonderful photos of Fly! 17 is a great age, she looks very happy and well and wise! And who would forget treats, for them we can do what ever asked!
    Thank you for a lovely moment! Teje and Nero

  14. No offense to your other beautiful pups, but Fly is my very favorite. I'm always partial to the ones who have been round the longest. I thought our Gabby, at 15, is amazing, but your Fly is still working sheep? You rock Fly!