23 January 2011

New Best Friends

I’m currently teaching Pip to walk on a harness.
22-01-11 (17)

It’s all going to plan, but she hates it.
22-01-11 (18)


Whenever Little Pip was around 8 weeks old, I tried to introduce her to Sheila. You know the one – has the massive ears.
22-01-11 (6)

But at the time, little Little Pip was terrified of Sheila, and avoided her at all costs. Yesterday, I tried again.
22-01-11 (3)

And everything went according to plan! Hooray! There was a little bit of uncertainty on Pip’s side, but she soon calmed down enough to have a good time!

Sheila was just happy to be out and about.
22-01-11 (4)

Whenever we all arrived back in the yard, I had a quick photo session on the doorstep!
22-01-11 (5)

Sheila must be the smallest Border Collie in history. Ben’s bigger than her, and even Little (Giant) Pip is catching up. Sheila has to stand on a step to make herself look bigger.
22-01-11 (10)

What a cute pair!
22-01-11 (12)

Sheila’s a very good girl.
22-01-11 (13)

Why the long face, Pip?
22-01-11 (14)

After every single shot, Sheila jumped off the steps, got her treat and went off to do something more interesting. Not like Pip, who just stayed on the step, looking at me.

22-01-11 (15)

Meanwhile, in the sheep houses…
22-01-11 (2)

Two more new arrivals! Still a little wobbly on their feet.
22-01-11 (1)

We have quite a few lambs now, some inside:
18-21-01-11 (3)

18-21-01-11 (1)

18-21-01-11 (4)

18-21-01-11 (13)

And some outside:
18-21-01-11 (23)

18-21-01-11 (20)

18-21-01-11 (17)

18-21-01-11 (15)

And here are the first set of twins we had this year, who I introduced you to in this post.
18-21-01-11 (31)

They’re really big now.
18-21-01-11 (30)

18-21-01-11 (29)

Your food must be much nicer when your feet are in it.


  1. Two beautiful girls and awesome pictures of them!
    The new born lambs are so cute, it's my first time to see a new born lambs : ) Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  2. What beautiful pictures! Of course your models are outstanding. If I try to take a picture of one of my "misfits" they come right up to the camera. They are definitely not cracked up to be models. Have a wonderful day!

  3. Aww..so glad Pip and Sheila are comfortable with each other. And I have to say, Pip is so dran cute! Congrats on the baby lambs, it is also my first seeing newborn ones. Have a great Sunday.

    Angie @ Fetch

  4. Harness training is hard work. Pip will learn to like it, no worries!! That is great that Pip and Sheila like eachother now!! Sheila is realllyy small. I wonder why that is?
    The lambs are adorable!

    Paige & Simba

  5. Lovely pictures. Pip and Sheila are both beautiful and the lambs are adorable.

  6. sky loves her harness, runs right up to it when its in your hand, and hates when we take it off. good luck with the harness training with Pip :)
    awww little lambs :D very cute
    its very hard to get pictures of Sky, as soon as she sees the camera, she starts barking at it :p only way to get pics is to distract her with a ball

  7. Pip and Sheila do look gorgeous together!

    Congrats on all the new lambs!


  8. Glad that everything went better this time.

    Those sheep are so cute. :)

  9. The lambs are too cute!
    I'm glad everything turned out much better this time!


  10. Oh Little Giant Pip, don't worry you will get used to the harness. Looks like you and Sheila will be great friends!

    Those lambs are just precious!

    Your pal, BIG Pip

  11. Hello! what an enjoyable post again! I just love to watch your dogs! They are so beautiful and characteristic! (could that be right word?)
    Sweet sheeps and lambs are adorable! The photo with the new born lamb with yellow colour is a painting!!! I wish I find time to paint her/him!
    Have a wonderful week! Teje

  12. I'm happy that Pip and Sheila will be friends. I love looking at the little lambs, and I also think that sheep have the most beautiful faces, but I think most people don't bother to look at them properly! Tail Wuggles, Rubie.

  13. This is a fun blog to visit! Make you wish you lived on a farm.

  14. Pip and Sheila are so cute together - we think our Mom is in love with sweet Pip:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  15. I bet Pip can make friends with anyone. Does Sheila stick her nose up to try and look taller?
    The lambs are very cute, I like their curly legs : )

  16. My oomab just fell in love with all your anipals. I was afraid to come over for fear your doggies would bark at me, but they seem to like kitties too, so all is good. It was lovely meeting all of you. M loves the baby lambs - so cute.

  17. Hi - I am going to include Little Pip and Sheila in my post on Monday. I am using a couple of your pictures. Is that OK? If not, leave a message and let me know. Thanks!

    Your pal, BIG PIp