22 January 2011

What’s a ball?

Pip has never actually been the sort of dog to play. The toys she got for Christmas are now ignored, and she doesn’t make any effort to play more. So yesterday I decided to teach Pip how to play. How hard could it be?

What’s a ball?
18-21-01-11 (39)

Oh. Right. Maybe it would be quite hard then. I kicked the ball up and down the garden a few times. As soon as I kicked it, Pip’s ears would prick up and she would chase it, until it stopped moving and she lost interest. But suddenly, something inside Little Pip’s head clicked.
18-21-01-11 (37)

And she went crazy!
18-21-01-11 (57)

18-21-01-11 (58)

18-21-01-11 (59)

Only pausing occasionally to find out what I was up to.
18-21-01-11 (55)

She’s mad. She even tried the trick that Sheila did in the last post.
18-21-01-11 (47)

18-21-01-11 (46)

18-21-01-11 (45)

The ball eventually made it’s way into a corner, where Pip could not remove it, no matter how hard she tried.
18-21-01-11 (51)

18-21-01-11 (50)

Even lunging at it didn’t work.
18-21-01-11 (49)

And pulling funny faces didn’t work either.
18-21-01-11 (42)

18-21-01-11 (41)

18-21-01-11 (40)

18-21-01-11 (43)

What is a dog to do?

Mum! Come help me with my corner!
18-21-01-11 (62)

I helped by throwing a frisbee.
18-21-01-11 (63)

18-21-01-11 (64)

18-21-01-11 (65)

18-21-01-11 (66)

18-21-01-11 (67)

So there you have it, I taught Pip how to play. I’m quite pleased with myself actually.

I like play now. Let’s go do more play.
18-21-01-11 (38)

*Sigh* I’ve created a monster. A non-stop playing monster!




  1. What a clever girl you are , Pip!!!
    I love to see how you played with the ball; you're a fast learner and I'm sure you will learn Sheila's trick in no time. Just a few more practice with your humans will do the trick.
    The frisbee game looks fun too.
    You're so cure and adorable, Pip!!!

  2. Little Pip is a GIANT!!! I am very impressed with her playing skills. I have never figured out the whole game of fetch - goes right over my head! Maybe Little Giant Pip can teach me.

    Your pal, Big Pip

  3. Pip, you are now playing with the best of them. And you've got quite the moves! Next you'll be recruited for the big leagues!!

  4. Too cute! My nine-year-old Ebony Dog is super sweet and interactive, but has never been interested in toys. Maybe you could come teach her that toys are fun? :)

  5. Play!!! You do it so well!

  6. Hey Pip!
    Wow, what a great, fun time! You did a great job teaching that ball a lesson. Gotta keep control over the toys. Love the pix of all the action!
    Grr and a Playful Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  7. I love the ball playing. Basically the dog can control the game, and they can also go out and amuse themselves for a bit. We use a basketball, which is a bit bigger than a soccer ball, and Luna can't get her mouth open enough to get a tooth in it. That means we don't have to worry about her popping it, and it's been here about two years, living outside:)
    It always amazes me where Luna can put that ball, and where she can get it out of. I've watched her dribble it through small gates:)
    The more she plays, the more proficient Pip will get:)

  8. What a wonderful thing to teach Pip! Would she like to come and play with me?


  9. Woo hoo! Glad you got your play going Pip! Now you need a play buddy to really get your groove on!

  10. LOL...that is awesome! My dogs do not like playing with balls or any other toy. I may have to try this with them!

    Angie (and Snoopy and Rummer)

  11. It's Pip's world. The rest of us just rent space from her.

    Wonderful series of photos, blog author. You have a wonderful gift of telling stories with a camera.

  12. Pip is gorgeous! What a lovely post.

  13. You can tell how much fun she is having. Love it! :)

  14. YAY! I am glad Pip can play. Absolutely adorable! I love the pictures of attack puppy on the ball. Lol

  15. Vof Pip, it's Nero here! I'm soooo happy that found out how much fun you can have with the ball! It's my favorite toy and I can play all the day! I have one special red ball for many years and it's the best! Come to play with me!
    Hugs from Nero!

  16. What a gorgeous dog! And very fun to see her take to the ball!