7 February 2011

An Award and Ben’s Gotcha Day!

It was Ben’s Gotcha Day yesterday, but I got my dates wrong, and didn’t celebrate! Darn it! Anyway, I was taking some photos for his Gotcha Day today, because I thought it was tomorrow… I should just get to the point shouldn’t I? Before I confuse myself and others. What I’m trying to say is, Happy Gotcha Day, Ben!

The box is significant, because it’s the one he came home in. Yes, we got a puppy in a box!

I’m being upstaged by a box. This is not good…

It’s a very important box that. Pip came home in it too. That’s why it’s important to have the box in as many shots as possible.

I just love how the box says “THIS SIDE UP” on it. That makes me laugh a lot! Ha ha ha.

Here’s what I wrote about Ben the day after I got him:
Ben was born on the 5th of December 2009, out of Rua. He was the Jorry, or runt out of a litter of eight.

Ben is our latest addition to the pack! He arrived on 6th February 2010 much to my delight! Ben was to be a great border collie, but there’s just one snag… a springer spaniel!

Rua, his mum, was being followed by the springer. But she was separated from him, to be put in with the border collie sheepdog she was to be mated with… but it looks like the spaniel got there first!

But Ben’s mixed parentage is not going to put me off! He’s adorable, and he still has some border collie in him – so I’m going to introduce him to the sheep anyway, and try to train him.

Ben was very scared when he first came to us, but he soon came round and now loves to play, eat, put his paws up and lick my hand.

Anyway, a post about Ben would not be complete without a few close-ups of this beautiful (or should that be handsome?) boy.


My, how he’s grown!

Here’s hoping that we have many more Gotcha Days to come!

And another thing, we got an award from Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan and Bibi-Chan, of The Poupounette. Thanks so much guys, that is very kind of you!

So, one of the rules that comes along with this award is that you tell your blog readers 7 things about yourself that your bloggers probably don’t know. I’m going to copy The Poupounette and give you one fact about each of us. Here goes:


I have typed Ben’s name so many times, it is now difficult to type the word “
BenBe” without putting an “n” on the end.



Pip is scared of the box she came home in.



Sheila is scared of spades for no apparent reason.



Kim used to live at the home of Sue the Bichon Frise, but she chased the neighbour’s sheep and had to come here.



Fly used to herd cows, back in the 1990′s.



My Granny wanted a German Shepherd. She got a Sprollie named Jack.


Me (Ruth)

I like Doctor Who.

There. Now to pass the award on to three more bloggers…

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And now I’m off to go tell them…


  1. Happy 2nd Gotcha Day, Ben! I am sure you will forgive your mom for not remembering when your Gotcha Day really was, right? I love your serious brown eyes and your handsome face!

  2. Ben! Your puppy picture looks so much like my puppy pictures!!! Your springer dad certainly put on a BIG mark on you! And you have grown into such a hugely handsome lad! My only regret is that you and I can't get together for some serious playtime!



  3. We think Ben IS beautiful AND handsome. Happy Gotcha Day too! Mom says she has brought many a puppy home in a box too:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. Ben seems like the wonderful all around dog. He is handsome as can be. He and Pip make quite a pair. I had never heard of Sprollies before but it seems like a wonderful combination!
    Happy Gotcha Day!

  5. Happy Gotcha day Ben!
    Congrats on your award. :)

  6. Happy Gotcha day Benny Boy, you are a very beautiful boy, i do like the pictures of the box, esp the fact that you use to fit in it, it doesn't look like you would now, :)

    Jenny :)

  7. Ben is very very handsome. Hope he had a lovely Gotcha Day and that you put the box away so it's not frightening Pip any more.

    Congratulations on your well-deserved blog award too.

  8. happy gotcha day, buddy! boscoe came home in a box, too.

  9. Happy Gotcha Day, Ben! And you could never be upstaged by a box - no way!

    Congratulations on your award and thanks so much for sharing it with me.

    Your pal, Big Pip Cong

  10. Happy Gotcha Day, Ben!
    You always look great and I enjoy to see you together with Pip. Both of you always make good pictures : )
    Congratulations on your award!

  11. Happy gotcha day Ben! You're handsome AND bootiful! Congratz on your award too!


  12. Happy Gotcha day Ben! Mom and I think it's cute how your mom has saved your box!

    Kirby and his mom

  13. Happy Gotcha Day! That is truly a special box, indeed ;)

  14. Such a serious looking boy and such soulful eyes. Happy Gotcha Day! All of your dogs are beautiful :)