6 February 2011

The Lone Nutter

Suckie escaped from her pen this week, so we’ve had to put her into a pen on her own, so she gets more attention.
04-05-02-11 (1)

This happens every year. She’s always escaping from the main pens, and exploring somewhere new.
04-05-02-11 (4)

It’s just annoying whenever she refuses on all accounts to go back inside.
04-05-02-11 (6)

Or when she opens buckets of meal to eat the nuts inside, stopping for nothing. If we let her, she would probably eat until she burst.

She’s already quite large.
04-05-02-11 (9)

She’s got some next door neighbours, a ewe and her twin lambs. So she’s not lonely.
04-05-02-11 (10)

Suckie spends most of her time looking for more food.
04-05-02-11 (13)

04-05-02-11 (14)

Got any food there? *Sniff*
04-05-02-11 (15)

I seem to have eaten all of my nuts…
04-05-02-11 (16)


  1. Oh, Suckie! You are such an adorable girl! No wonder you want to roam around and investigate the farm! You just want to make sure everyone gets a chance to admire you! How funny that you want to eat nuts and nuttin' else! What wonderful pictures!

  2. Oh Suckie, I feel your pain - my mom says I would eat until I burst if she let me!

    Your pal, Pip

  3. Maybe you need to change her name to Dora? LOL

  4. awww but its so hard to get annoyed at such a cute face like hers :D

  5. So much fun to visit your blog! Love the lambs!

  6. My kind of gal. A real foody ;)

    Waggin at ya,

  7. She is a bit naughty but she is cute! So I think it's okay for her to be a bit naughty sometimes :)

  8. Suckie the Adventurer! I love food too!
    I counter surfed last night an almost snagged the Meatloaf! I was choking myself on the edge of the counter and mom heard me and came into the kitchen and caught me! Drat!