28 February 2011

Ben on Gate Duty

Yesterday, Ben was on gate duty. That meant a quick walk down the lane to shut the gate.
27-02-11 (4)

You still there? Good.
27-02-11 (3)

We walked all the way to the road, with Ben on a lead, of course.
27-02-11 (5)

He was all business.
27-02-11 (6)

Then we closed the gate for the night.
27-02-11 (7)

On the way back up the lane, I spotted something very exciting… Daffodil buds!
27-02-11 (2)

Ben was most impressed.
27-02-11 (8)

Bye, February! We’ll miss you!
27-02-11 (9)


  1. Um, Ben? Do you walk properly on the lead, then? I have a bit of a reputation as a "sled dog".....

    Our daffs are coming up too!

    Beautiful coutryside!


  2. Spring time is just around the corner. YIPEE!

  3. I love, love, LOVE Ben!! He's got such soulful eyes. Thanks for giving me my Ben fix for the day!! :)

    (I don't know why I'm so preoccupied with Ben...he's just a beautiful dog).

    Elyse and Riley

  4. I love Ben, too! He looks very wise. It sure is pretty where you live.

    Your pal, Pip

  5. Ben, that looks like a very important job and we can see that you lent dignity to the entire affair. You are very beautiful! We have seen some daffodils here too, as well as hyacinth, our spring favorite. But we will not miss February!

  6. Lovely view you have from your lane! Your daffodils are farther ahead than ours, but we're back on the Spring track again now:)

  7. I bet you take your job very seriously! It's a sure thing that spring is coming when you see daffodils! Hurray!

  8. I bet Ben is the best guard of the farm. You have beautiful scenery there.

  9. What beautiful shots of Spring! I wonder if dogs get Spring Fever too?

  10. I agree...I love Ben! He has the best expressions :)