2 March 2011

Running on Instinct

As you may remember, I told you all that Pip was afraid of sheep, and showed no signs of wanting to herd them – or even chase them. Yesterday, while out on a walk with Pip to see the ewes and lambs, Pip was acting rather strangely. She was watching the lambs playing on the hill. She went closer to the lambs, then came back to me, then to the lambs, and back again. Once more, she walked towards the lambs – and this time they spotted her. Like a bullet, they ran – and like a bullet behind them, Pip ran too.

I had no chance of stopping her. So I took some photos instead.

01-03-11 (6)

01-03-11 (5)

01-03-11 (4)

…And away (actually, that looks like a Come Bye)…
01-03-11 (3)

When she returned, the lambs safely in the nest field, she was very pleased with herself.

Did you see THAT?? I was AWSOME!
01-03-11 (2)

Do I get a treat for that?

01-03-11 (15)

Before the sheep could come back into the field, only to be chased back in again, I took Pip out of the field for a photoshoot.
01-03-11 (13)

01-03-11 (11)

The white side.
01-03-11 (9)

01-03-11 (8)

01-03-11 (7)

But Pip was soon bored with photoshoting, and was off in search of more lambs to chase herd.
01-03-11 (16)

Pip did me proud that day. She proved that she had some instinct, and it wasn’t all fear! Pip likes sheep now. Just no walks for Pip among lambs...


  1. Thanks for a good laugh. Way to go, Pip!!!

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. Those pictures are great! And I love that story! She did seem rather proud of herself, and I'm sure she got a big "atta girl!"

  3. Well done Pip. I am sooooooo proud of you.

    Love and licks Winnie xx

  4. Way to go Pip! Nice work. :)

  5. Oh, Little Pip I am so very proud of you!

    Your pal, BIG Pip

  6. Yay for pups finding their instinct!

  7. You're getting there, Pip!!! Well done!!!

  8. Bravo, Pip! That expression of joy after a job well done is priceless! You've got a great dog there!

  9. Impressive Pip! All I get to herd is a puppy and trash cans! Although I have to admit I enjoy doing it! Oh! for the farm life! Coming into adulthood becomes you!