16 February 2011

Mechanically Minded

At least, he thinks so.

15-02-11 (8)

Tools. These are definitely tools.

15-02-11 (6)

Ben “helped” my dad and I to fix a tractor yesterday. Something to do with something I don’t know.

It was the thingy-ma-jig. Yeah. Definitely your thingy-ma-jig.

15-02-11 (4)

The tools will fix it for us. I’ll just wait here and watch them.

15-02-11 (1)

What? What’s so funny…?

15-02-11 (3)

Ben was a great help.

These tools behind me – they’re gonna give me cookies if I sit here long enough.

15-02-11 (5)

*Sigh* Are the tools finished fixing the thingy-ma-jig yet? I’m bored.

15-02-11 (7)

In fact, Ben was so bored, I took him for a walk afterwards to compensate. There, he could let off some steam.

15-02-11 (10)

15-02-11 (11)

15-02-11 (12)

And spend time with little sister, Little Pip.

15-02-11 (14)

15-02-11 (15)

The whole gang:

15-02-11 (17)

And Sheila.

15-02-11 (18)

15-02-11 (16)

Sheila with Little Pip (these two get on swimmingly).

15-02-11 (19)

But Ben was annoying Pip, so we ditched him and had a mud bath.

15-02-11 (26)

The amount of rain we’ve been having over the last few weeks has turned the bale yard into a real mud bath. Pip liked the puddles.

15-02-11 (22)

15-02-11 (21)

15-02-11 (20)

Recently, Pip’s ears have been trying to stand up… but I like them down!

15-02-11 (23)

Pip had never seen so much mud before so was a bit unsure about the whole thing.

What do I do!?

15-02-11 (24)

She watched Sheila most of the time.

15-02-11 (25)

A run through the wet, long grass later, and most of the mud had gone.

15-02-11 (27)


15-02-11 (28)

And to finish off, here’s a video of a really cute lamb born yesterday:


  1. OK, lots in this post. First, Ben I have complete faith in your ability to help fix that thingy. Second, Little Pip even looks cute muddy. Third, she is HUGE!!! Sometimes, my ears stand up, but mostly they flop over.

    Your pal, BIG Pip

  2. Your fur babies always look like they are smiling. They are all beautiful.

  3. Ben, you're a tough guy, a mechanic!!! And Pip, did you have a bath after that?

  4. You all have such great smiles! And the lamb is adorable!

    Pip! That was quite the mudbath!!!

    Ben, I am most impressed by all your tools.


  5. oh, the mud! and oh, that impassive, never-changing face!

  6. I just have to say, Ben is one of the most gorgeous dogs I have ever seen. I love his fur, his ears, his coloring, and the symmetry of his markings!

    Elyse and Riley

  7. Big little Pip still steals the show. But Ben, the Tool-Time Mechanic comes in a fast second!

  8. Ben is such a great help! Just looking cute gets things fixed! Pip is such a happy girl....and a muddy girl! My gosh at the mud!! I would be in panic if I saw Reuben with that much mud! LOL But I always say a dirty dog is a happy dog.

    That baby lamb is soooooo cute!! Awweeee!

  9. Ben looks like you were a huge help.

    Your gang is so cute.

    And what a muddy but fun mess. :)

  10. Little Pip always seem to lean away from Sheila in the photos, or is it just me? Hehe. They are all looking realllly good! & the little lamb is furry cute!


  11. I'm with Ben, "The tools will fix it for us. I’ll just wait here and watch them."

    Great post!