15 February 2011

Valentine’s Disc-Go

As you probably know, yesterday was Valentine’s day. But Pip and Sheila had no dates, so they made their own fun.

I found this frisbee last week in a cupboard, but Ben is scared of it. So Sheila took it instead.

13-14-02-11 (19)

And she chewed it for a long time.

13-14-02-11 (30)

13-14-02-11 (25)

13-14-02-11 (17)

13-14-02-11 (8)

Frisbee hog.

13-14-02-11 (10)

13-14-02-11 (12)

13-14-02-11 (13)

13-14-02-11 (14)

And Pip better not go near…

13-14-02-11 (3)

Or she gets chased. Poor Pip.

See the madness?

Sheila will never leave the Frisbee. Ever.

13-14-02-11 (2)

You lookin’ at my Frisbee?

13-14-02-11 (5)

13-14-02-11 (6)

13-14-02-11 (7)

You better not be lookin’ at my Frisbee…

13-14-02-11 (9)

Poor Pip was scared.

13-14-02-11 (22)

She scares me…

13-14-02-11 (27)

…Is that a cookie?

13-14-02-11 (29)

Sheila would like a cookie too.

13-14-02-11 (31)

Ben would also like a cookie.

13-14-02-11 (34)

He just sits/stands on stuff and expects praise and cookies. See?

13-14-02-11 (33)

He is one cool dude.

13-14-02-11 (39)

13-14-02-11 (38)

13-14-02-11 (40)

Did he just look at my frisbee…?

13-14-02-11 (18)


  1. Out of all these lovely pics, my eyes keep going back to pip's mouth. It is SO CUTE! It looks like a really soft and gentle mouth, if that makes any sense.

  2. Dear Sheila, I think you should share your frisbee with Pip and others because you'll find it is more fun when you've someone to play it with.

  3. Woof! Woof! Great sweet fun photos. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  4. That looks like a pretty solid Frisbee, Tom can demolish the flimsy ones in one outing!

    Hey, Pip? Would you like to come over and play with me?

    You're one cool dude, Ben!


  5. Luna is just like Ben, figures an obstacle is something to be climbed/sat upon to pose and be rewarded:)

  6. We love Pip's heart-nose!! Sheila, you're like our Allie used to be. Once she had a toy it was HERS and hers alone!! That's a lot of work!!

  7. They are ALL just such beautiful pups!!! Pip may be scared but he also looks like he is enjoying this game:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  8. Sheila, frisbees are for catching, not chewing. Silly girl!

  9. awww one day you will get the Frisbee Pip!

  10. How is it possible that you two lovely ladies did not have dates on Valentine's Day!!

    Sheila, you better be nice to Little Pip or I will have to hop the pond and give you a piece of my mind. Bol!

    Your pal, BIG Pip

  11. Riley does the same thing with frisbees! Does Sheila like to chase them and catch them?

    Elyse and Riley

  12. Cute story! LOL!

  13. Haha!! Sounds like my home with a certain orange rubber ball...Very funny ;) Poor Pip, indeed.

  14. Your dogs are beautiful! I can't believe that FLY is 18 yrs. old. That's amazing! So cute about Sheila and her frisbee.