18 February 2011

Pip’s ears

Pip went for a super-long walk yesterday, though three fields. 17-02-11

There was some ewes and their lambs in these fields, who we put outside on Wednesday. Among them are Bubbles, Tilly, and their four lambs. Pip is still scared of sheep, so I hoped that by taking her for a walk in a field full of sheep that she might get over her fear and stop barking at them.
17-02-11 (4)

It was a lovely day.
17-02-11 (5)

17-02-11 (6)

But why does Pip always look so shy when I take her photo? It is odd. She has known the camera her whole life.
17-02-11 (8)

And whenever she’s being shy, we can’t see her lovely ears.
17-02-11 (9)

That’s better!
17-02-11 (10)

17-02-11 (7)

Pip seems to be very shy about her ears.
17-02-11 (11)

We walk on, and enter another field, where the ewes and lambs are all running away – except for one, who’s asleep. He’s getting left behind. I walk over, as Pip walks too, she spots him and he spots us. But he doesn’t get up – instead, he plays dead.

Eventually, Pip plucks up the courage to have a sniff… and then a lick… all while the lamb is just lying there, “dead”.
17-02-11 (12)

17-02-11 (14)

17-02-11 (13)

As we walked away, the lamb still lay there.
17-02-11 (17)

We went to a wall, and Pip jumped up onto it, so I took some photos.
17-02-11 (18)

17-02-11 (22)

Pip’s ears couldn’t make their mind up.

17-02-11 (19)

Really pointy?
17-02-11 (26)

Or half up/half down?
17-02-11 (27)

17-02-11 (25)

I choose half up/half down – that’s my favourite.
17-02-11 (28)

All of these decisions are hard work.
17-02-11 (29)

What is it with Pip and drinking out of puddles…?


  1. Hey Pip!
    Wow, you have such a beautiful territory to run in! The weather and the field are just great. It's cold and snowy here, so I like looking at your pretty pix. Love you ears any way you have them...up, down, half-and-half. Very cool that you got up close to that sheep. now maybe you'll feel better about them. Very nice pix of all the action!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  2. What beautiful pictures of Pip! I love her ears:)

  3. Ha, Ciara loves the mud too:(

    We love Pip's eyes - so soulful and beautiful. Her ears do a lot of talking, don't they?

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. Pip, has anyone ever told you that you have the most gorgeous smile???


  5. Very expressive ears, Pip.

    That looked like a lovely lovely walk.

  6. Hi Pip, you are my favorite, sweet girl! I love all your dogs but Pip has 'something'. She is like my Hanna who is at once worried, if I like to take a photo. I'm happy Pip met that sleeping lamb and realized that they can be nice and good friends. I think it's good for Pip to meet often just one and calm lamb and she gets used to them! Kisses for Pip!
    Teje and Nero

  7. our Scamp use to do that to, there'd be a whole bowl of water and hed still drink out of a puddle, they are some fab photos, Pip has the cutest eyes, and its so cute to see her sitting next to the sheep, :)

    Jenny :)

  8. Little Pip, I have the same issues with my ears, sometimes they are up and sometimes down. You are such a big girl now, almost no sign of the puppy anymore!

    Your pal, BIG Pip

  9. Pip has very expressive ears. Buddy uses his ears to express himself too. She is a very pretty girl! The pictures are fabulous!

  10. Wow - her communication is so diverse! Ears, eyes, body position, mouth. Who even needs ears (as adorable as they are) when you have eyes that are that soulful?

  11. Great pictures of Pip. Nice ears too.