19 February 2011

Tunnel Lovin’

Yesterday started like any other, with a check of the ewes and lambs now outside. This time, it was me who had the job to do, so I took Little Pip with me.
18-02-11 (7)

She’s still a little nervous of the quad, but she stayed in the front box well, and watched the sheep go by.
18-02-11 (6)

18-02-11 (8)

Those big ears came in handy.
18-02-11 (11)

Among the flock, I spotted Lily, who is now huge.

She was with mum, Tilly.
18-02-11 (1)

18-02-11 (3)

The lambs in this flock are the oldest ones – it seems ages since we had lamb family number nine – we’re nearly at 200!
18-02-11 (5)

After the sheep had all been checked, Little Pip and myself headed to the garden, to teach her a very important command – “through the tunnel”.
18-02-11 (18)

It took Pip no time at all to work out what to do.

“Through the tunnel, Pip.”
18-02-11 (15)

18-02-11 (19)

18-02-11 (20)

Good girl!
18-02-11 (21)

Whenever she was looking through the tunnel at me, she looked gorgeous!
18-02-11 (16)

18-02-11 (14)

Her ears still can’t make their mind up.
18-02-11 (13)

18-02-11 (12)

That afternoon, I took all three dogs for a run. (They did the running – not me).

Ben got a slap in the face:
18-02-11 (29)

Sheila got angry (again):
18-02-11 (40)

Pip watched stuff happen:
18-02-11 (34)

Oh, the madness of it all!

I found out where Pip got her shy look from.
18-02-11 (72)

18-02-11 (57)

The dogs did some running.
18-02-11 (58)

18-02-11 (52)

18-02-11 (50)

Ben watched me…
18-02-11 (51)

18-02-11 (53)

…In between bouts of getting mobbed.
18-02-11 (49)

18-02-11 (48)

18-02-11 (47)

18-02-11 (46)

18-02-11 (45)

Yeah… he gets mobbed a lot.

Pip trying to get in on the action:
18-02-11 (44)

Ben’s discoved that he can pull on Sheila’s collar:
18-02-11 (42)

Ben gets mobbed again:
18-02-11 (41)

He’s down (and still holding on to Sheila’s collar)!
18-02-11 (39)

18-02-11 (38)

Pip doesn’t really like Ben – maybe it’s because he keeps doing this:
18-02-11 (35)

18-02-11 (36)

18-02-11 (37)

Ben was very happy because he found himself a nice bone.
18-02-11 (63)

18-02-11 (61)

18-02-11 (73)

We went back to the blue trailer:
18-02-11 (64)

18-02-11 (65)

18-02-11 (67)

And I took some photos of Jack in the yard.
18-02-11 (68)

18-02-11 (70)

What a busy day!

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  1. Woof! Woof! Busy Indeed! Ben was lucky to find a bone. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  2. A pack of happy dogs! I love those tunnel pictures too, the tunnel is so colourful!

  3. Loved reading this post and the photo's are great! The dogs look like they had a real fun day :)

  4. OMD! I love those tunnel pictures! Sometimes, it is best to sit back and watch stuff happen - that's pretty much my philosophy on life.

    Your pal, Pip

    P.S.: I might do a post about Little Pip and Big Pip's ears. Is that OK?

  5. Pip looks gorgeous in the tunnel peektures! I love the peektures of the dogs running and just having fun.


  6. OH, and I love the new header peekture!

  7. They are all just so beautiful, but Mom has a real soft spot for Pip - she just has the most expressive face.

    We so enjoy your blog and all the lovely photos.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  8. I am exhausted from your busy day. Can we come and play?

  9. Oh my doG, so many wonderful photos and they just kept coming. Marvelous day!

  10. It looks like a great time was had by all. That Pip is really a stunner!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  11. fantastic photos, love lil Pip's face when she's bouncing into the tunnel, she is so so cute, love Ben hanging onto Sheila's collar, great to see Jack too, and your new header is fab,

    Jenny :)

  12. I've never been to you blog before, but loved it! I thought all your dogs were gorgeous (your pictures are amazing!), but I love those eyes on Pip and Ben. Wow. Those are some eyes!

    So glad I found you on the blog hop!

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  14. pip and ben together make some truly beautiful pictures. they have such good eye contact. i assume that must have something to do with them being herding dogs?

  15. What a great run! Farm like looks like so much fun!

  16. Hurried the post comment! Of course, I meant farm life...
    But I get to come and say how much I loved all the pictures. Pip is so adorable.

  17. Looks like they are having so much fun. I love the tunnel photos. :)

  18. As always, your pictures are wonderful. I loving seeing the lambs, and Pip through the tunnel!