4 February 2011

Rainbow Puppy

Wednesday was a horrible day. We had rain and wind, probably the Northern Irish version of America’s snow storms. Whenever the rain became a little lighter, I headed outside to feed Little Pip. It was still spitting rain a little, but it wasn’t too heavy.
01-02-02-11 (39)

I kept shooting, through the rain.
01-02-02-11 (38)

See the rain falling in this shot?
01-02-02-11 (34)

I finished shooting photos, set Pip’s dish down, and looked up, only to see a massive rainbow over the entire farm, I could see both ends, but this one is the prettiest.
01-02-02-11 (20)

The rain had stopped. Was it a coincidence? Or did Little Pip have something to do with the sudden sunshine? I think she did. She’s my Rainbow Puppy. She’s my best friend. She’s my rock.
01-02-02-11 (19)

And I love her lots!

Meanwhile, the twin lambs out in the field are enjoying a daily dose of nuts. Well, they would be, if it wasn’t for the pesky ewes:

Lamb: I can take you on!
01-02-02-11 (25)

Or maybe not…
01-02-02-11 (26)

The twins are a lovely pair, don’t you think?
01-02-02-11 (28)

Ben helps me to feed them.
01-02-02-11 (29)

He’s a good boy.

Look! Some more twins!
01-02-02-11 (23)

And another lamb enjoying the nibbles.
01-02-02-11 (22)

Then there’s another two flocks, consisting of single lambs like this one.
01-02-02-11 (3)

Or these.
01-02-02-11 (2)

And this is what Lucky looks like now… my, she’s grown!
01-02-02-11 (1)

And Lily too. She’s in another flock.
01-02-02-11 (16)

She likes to eat mum’s ears.
01-02-02-11 (15)

And some sad news. We’ve sold the Shepherd’s Pie ewes. They were trouble-makers beyond measure. Breaking out, breaking in, refusing to move, hitting dogs to name just a few.

Bye ladies!
01-02-02-11 (17)

01-02-02-11 (18)

Yes. Even Brenda.
01-02-02-11 (6)

But I won’t miss them. I’ll get some new ewes, maybe quieter ones, who don’t cause so much trouble. Hint, hint, Dad!


  1. That's a gorgeous rainbow and the scenery is so beautiful too.
    Little Pip is no longer a little one anymore, she's a little young lady now.
    Those sheep and lamb are so pretty too!

  2. Pip is sure growing up--what a handsome dog! Loved the rainbow--we used to see triple rainbows every once in a while when we lived near Denver. Now we're lucky to see one at all.

  3. Where I live, we get weather like Ireland!
    That is a beautiful rainbow shot, and the lambs are very cute, and so are Pip and Ben:)

  4. These are such beautiful pictures. You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place!

    Your pal, BIG Pip

  5. This was a very enjoyable post, a little of everything. Your fantastic dogs, sheep and their babies, gorgeous country side and the most beautiful rainbow! Thanks Ruth.

  6. Hi!, its me, Buddy! Love the rainbow and your beautiful dogs. The lambs are adorable! I gotta get me a farm!

  7. That pic with the rolling greens in the background - lovely. Reminds me how much I'd like to visit Ireland one day...
    Your rainbow puppy has such innocent eyes!

  8. Hello! I love Pip too! She is so beautiful and has always so kind look! You live in the most beaautiful place and with all those animals!!!
    All the lambs are so sweet! Every time I see them I'm thinkin painting... too bad some of them were trouble makers.
    Sunny weekend to all of you! Teje and Nero

  9. What a treat to see such a fabulous rainbow and get a terrific shot of it!

    Everyone looks healthy and happy the ewes, the lambs and of course Rainbow Puppy Pip :D

    Waggin at ya,

  10. Pip is so very pretty (blush...)!!!! And we love all the lamb pics. Lucky has indeed grown a lot!


  11. That rainbow is beautiful. Rainbows always make me smile.

    Pip is so cute and so are all those little lambs. :)