2 February 2011

Before They Were Famous

The Dogs of Greenhill Farm has been going for almost a year now (the blog really started in March 2010, the earlier things were added later) and you watched Ben and Pip (almost) grow up… but what about the other four? What did they get up to, before they were famous?



Sheila was born in May 2006, and arrived in June. She looked like this:
Before They Were Famous (21)

Our new puppy grew fast, and soon looked like this:
Before They Were Famous (20)

Before They Were Famous (11)

Before They Were Famous (16)

And soon, sadly, she managed to grow up a bit more:
Before They Were Famous (3) - Copy

In this time, she had discovered a love of sitting on my lap, and staring at me.
Before They Were Famous (6)

Which was fine by me. She was also very good at sitting and staying, a skill she’s lost now.
Before They Were Famous (7)

Before They Were Famous (5) - Copy

You can see more photos here, in this video slideshow:


Kim started out at my cousin’s house. She was their first dog a long while. They even made her a little kennel.
Before They Were Famous (17)

She was a mischief-maker from day one.
Before They Were Famous (19)

And those legs!
Before They Were Famous (18)

But the sunny pastures of Co. Fermanagh weren’t enough for Kim, and she chased the neighbour’s sheep. Guess what happened next?
Before They Were Famous (38)

That’s right! She came here to chase sheep and cause trouble.
Before They Were Famous (36)

You can see more photos in this video slideshow:



Fly has been around for quite some time, so I don’t have any puppy photos of her, but I do have this photo of her when she was 8-years-old, in 2001.

And here is the wonderful lady in 2009:

Before They Were Famous (42)

Before They Were Famous (31)

Before They Were Famous (30)



Jack was born in 2002, and he grew up to be rather handsome.

And here he is in 2009:

Well, now you know what all of the dogs got up to before they were famous…


  1. I love going back and looking at puppy and beyond pictures. They all grew up to be handsome/ beautiful and famous dogs!

  2. Loved sharing your memories!

  3. Cool, we loved seeing these old photos of the other four!

    Elyse and Riley

  4. great photos, they are all gorgeous, its lovely that you have so many photos of them all, :)

    Jenny :)

  5. Great photos. They grow up so fast.

  6. That was fun! Brings back memories of all our old family dogs.

  7. thanks for the post :D love the pic of sheila sitting in the chair, its very cute :)

  8. This was a great post. I love to see all the dogs as they grow up - especially Sheila! She was ADORABLE (of course, she still is!).

    Your pal, Pip

  9. man they all have such exquisite ears.

  10. i much enjoyed this post. sometimes, i wonder at how time flies and how our dogs grow up and old so quickly.

    kim and sheila have amazing ears and eyes. and i do love the look of your old lady :)

    have a great weekend all!