1 February 2011

Spring Lily

Tilly’s lamb, now called Lily (thanks, Swimflyaway!), has been enjoying life so far. She was inside…
30-31-01-11 (8)

…With mum Tilly, who was keeping watch for canine enemies, ie. Ben.
30-31-01-11 (6)

But Lily was a strong lamb, and before long (yesterday in fact), she was out in the fields with her mum.
30-31-01-11 (13)

And with her other lamb friends.
30-31-01-11 (14)

30-31-01-11 (15)

30-31-01-11 (16)

30-31-01-11 (18)

As you can see, different lambs have different numbers. Lily’s number is 39.
30-31-01-11 (40)

And Tilly’s own number is the same, so we know who’s who.
30-31-01-11 (38)

Lily’s a “spring” lamb.
30-31-01-11 (23)

30-31-01-11 (25)

30-31-01-11 (33)

30-31-01-11 (34)

But what if you spring too far away from mum – why, you spring back to her of course!
30-31-01-11 (37)

Only to land right next to her.
30-31-01-11 (41)

I think Lily’s absolutely adorable!
30-31-01-11 (39)

30-31-01-11 (36)

And she’s quite the little diva!
30-31-01-11 (42)

Speaking of little divas, Pip’s best internet friend asked her to stand in for him in a race – you can view the post here.

I would have gladly stood in for you Big Pip… but Sheila’s too scary!
30-31-01-11 (11)

Maybe next time, eh?


  1. OMG that little lamb is adorable, I want one ;)

  2. Hi Lily!

    We're 3 sweet rottweilers from California and we boinged over from Big Pip's yesterday and decided to become your followers. Don't worry, Sheila scares us, too. We're pretty new, so you won't have much reading to do to catch up!! Bye!

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  3. Lily IS adorable!! It's great to watch how the young of any species bounce around and play. They are so full of energy!

  4. Lily and the other lambs are adorable!

    We saw that photo of you behind a very forbidding-looking Sheila. You're wise to do as she says, Pip!


  5. Oh, Little Pip, I know you would help me if you could! No worries, I will be fine!

    I love seeing the pictures of the lambs and their moms. They are so PRECIOUS!!!! Thanks for sharing!

    Your pal, Pip

  6. I'm so happy to have found your blog, love the photos!

  7. Lily is quite darling, and her lambling buddies as well. How do you handle all that cute?

  8. Lily is cute as a bug! Makes me think of Spring with little lambs bouncing all over the fields.

  9. Howdy guys!

    I'm Penelope, a native Los Angelena! I love your adventures! I have a corgi pembroke welsh brother named Iggy, who always chases my sisters and I around as if we're sheep!!!!

    Please follow me!

    ~The Stinky Princess, Penelope

  10. Lily could be a front page model. She's perfect and your photos are Pip are perfect.

  11. What a sweet lamb! I wish I had a farm!

  12. Spring lambs? Already? And is that GREEN stuff on the ground? Oh my :) I think you might be the only blog I've read today that isn't snowbound :)

  13. Lily is a cutie pie, isn't she? Mummy Tily is taking a good care of her little lamb too.