18 March 2011

Celery Face

17-03-11 (6)

Pip is in love with the Guinea Pig food. Trying her paw at celery:

17-03-11 (5)

And carrot:

17-03-11 (7)

But not cabbage. That’s not nice.

17-03-11 (8)

To think like a Guinea Pig, you gotta watch some Guinea Pigs.

17-03-11 (3)

17-03-11 (9)

17-03-11 (11)

Pip’s obsessive guarding of the Guinea Pigs is actually really funny to watch. And she keeps trying to steal their food from the top of the hutch while I’m making it. As I chopped two sticks of celery this morning, the stick that I wasn’t chopping kept getting grabbed and slowly dragged away, like something out of a cartoon.


17-03-11 (13)

Yesterday afternoon was a busy one – we put some lambs out of the houses and into the fields.

17-03-11 (20)

17-03-11 (19)

And Fly came in the Land Rover for the ride.

17-03-11 (17)

That evening, there was one animal that Pip was yet to meet – Paddy the hamster. As soon as she saw Paddy moving in his bed, she went into stalking mode:

17-03-11 (25)

17-03-11 (24)

And finally, I took part in yesterday’s Daily Shoot:
Show your own hand in a photograph today doing something. Reaching, holding, touching, or making a sign.
I of course forgot to tweet it, but here’s my photo:

17-03-11 (23)

And the alternative:

17-03-11 (21)


  1. Stay away from that cabbage little Pip! I am sure the guinea pigs appreciate you guarding them.

    Your pal, Big Pip

    P.S: Love your big smile in those last pictures.

  2. The little critters are really fun to watch, aren't they? I always snoopervise when A lets the hamsters out. Hehe. Love the peektures.


  3. So now you have found something to entertain Pip other than mud:) We love celery, carrots, and lettuce too. We must have some guinea pig in our genes.

    Have a great weekend.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. Oh Pip, you are so cute with those little creatures. And those lambs are so young I can see their umbilical cords!
    I think your first hand shot is a winner. Nice job!

  5. Hey Pip!
    Wow, cute pix. My peeps used to have a Retriever who loved celery and raw onions. Blech...I personally can't get into that and I'd wanna bash all those critters. Sometimes I'm just anti-social that way. Anyway, I love the pix of you and your cute critters. Very nice! I'm proud of you for watching and not biting!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  6. I always love your pictures...the last two are so cool. Pip is smiling! He must love you very much!

  7. Great shots! Good for Pip eatin the guinea food ;) Too funny :D

    Waggin at ya,

  8. Pip is becoming a vegetarian ;)

    That last picture of Pip is adorable

  9. I love that little sound that guinea pigs make. We had one, his name was Aslan, he was so sweet. :)

  10. Great pics! Every time I go to feed my ferret, Nyxie is all about "helping". I think she is curious about him, and hopefully doesn't want to eat him, though!