27 March 2011

Losing Time

Yesterday, the clocks went forward. That means we loose an hour in bed… but it does mean the evenings are brighter! Yay!

Brighter evenings mean that walks are brighter too.

24-26-03-11 (4)

Kim loves to stare at the sheep.

Sheep sheep sheep sheep sheep sheep..!

24-26-03-11 (7)

Making Kim look at me while she’s watching the sheep is an ongoing battle.

24-26-03-11 (5)

24-26-03-11 (2)

Um… Kim?

24-26-03-11 (1)


When she does look it me, she isn’t happy.

There are sheep to kill over there and your making me sit?! This is TORTURE!!!

24-26-03-11 (3)

I took a long time to get this shot…

24-26-03-11 (6)

Meanwhile, the lambs are still coming thick and fast. It’s hard to believe we’ve been at this since late January.

24-26-03-11 (10)

24-26-03-11 (11)

Darkie still enjoys her daily dose of nuts.

24-26-03-11 (12)

24-26-03-11 (14)

And the lambs in her field are all very good.

24-26-03-11 (15)

24-26-03-11 (16)

I think that’s Sylvia. It’s really hard to tell.

24-26-03-11 (13)

And Ben had a photoshoot on a chair yesterday. (Nothing new there, then).

I love his big bushy tail.

24-26-03-11 (17)

24-26-03-11 (18)

24-26-03-11 (19)

24-26-03-11 (22)

24-26-03-11 (23)

24-26-03-11 (24)

24-26-03-11 (26)



  1. More day light, yay!!!
    It means more fun and more beautiful pictures too! :)

  2. We got that extra hour a bit ago and we are enjoying the added light at night too - makes for a much better chance of a walk for us. Ben and Kim are both beautiful, but we think Ben is much more cooperative than Kim - we take after Kim too:)

    Happy Sunday.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. Working dogs are so fascinating! They have such dedication and intelligence in their eyes! Your dogs are a perfect example. What a busy life you must have with all that new life on your Greenhill Farm! Happy Sunday!

  4. Beautiful, beautiful photos!! You have a lot of patience!!

  5. If I were a dog, I'd totally want to live on your farm!

  6. Bens photo shoot turned out great!!! Those little lambs are adorable!

  7. Always takes awhile to get used to the time change. But it is nice to not be dark at 6 pm anymore. :)

  8. After our time change, I couldn't get enough sleep to save my life! It's ok now, but it took some time. Ben's photo shoot was a hit!! Poor Kim - it's hard to be so intense!