29 March 2011

Nothing’s impressive when you’re black and white…

Sheila has the look of unimpressiveness down to a “T”.

Sheila-27-03-11 (6)

I had a strange urge to take photos of Sheila on Sunday afternoon, with a hope of taking some cute ones with her ears sticking up.

Sheila-27-03-11 (1)

But her ears would only stick up occasionally. The rest of the time she was suitably unimpressed.

Sheila-27-03-11 (5)

I tried to lift her mood with a colourful scarf.

Sheila-27-03-11 (4)

Sheila-27-03-11 (3)

Sheila-27-03-11 (11)

Sheila-27-03-11 (16)

Once in a while…

Sheila-27-03-11 (14)

…She’d look vaguely interested.

As for the hat…

Sheila-27-03-11 (7)

Sheila-27-03-11 (8)

It wasn’t very impressive either.



  1. Haha I loved the scarf on her, the colors looked great up against her coat. Im working really hard with trying to capture more of Haylies personality on film... I know its not easy and I totally feel your pain! :)

  2. Great photos and love the colors in them. :)

  3. Some dogs just seem to be a bit camera indifferent ... not shy, they just don't care that we want an "ears up" photo. I suppose that it's not really important after all.
    btw ... your dogs look wonderful, ears or no ears!

  4. Love the scarf! I also love the new layout...don't know how long you've had it...I haven't been around much lately. Riley is a camera diva. She'll look right at it for pictures. Chloe, she couldn't care less about the camera. So I feel you.

    Elyse and Riley

  5. Hey Sheila!
    Wow, you look pawesome in all of these pix! Love the scarf, but ears up, ears down, scarf, no scarf, close up...they all look great to me! Sometimes you just gotta make the peeps think a little and wonder what you are thinking.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  6. Sheila is a real beauty no matter what. She doesn't need scarves or jewells or a darn thing, just her, by herself with her thoughts!

    Stella, another black dog!

  7. I can't believe she sat so long without eating that scarf--well, that's what Sage would do....

    I think ears have a lot to say--I'd just like to know what sometimes!!

  8. Tough to get a good photo of a mostly black dog, but you did very well. Love the one with the scarf. She has such expressive eyes.

  9. She looks very high fashion in that scarf!

    Your pal, BIG Pip

  10. Beautiful Sheila looks like a queen in the pictures! So regal!

  11. We love the close-up and the one of her chewing the hat!

  12. She's beautiful! The pictures are great! She's patient too.

  13. Hats are evil (says Henry) - but I love the scarf!!!!

  14. AWWW!! She's such a serious girl! She looks a bit like a psychiatrist waiting for you to share your issues :)