14 March 2011

Pip – 7 Months

And 4 days, but we’ll ignore that…

What a beautiful girl!
13-03-11 (16)

13-03-11 (17)

So big…
13-03-11 (18)

We were on the lane while I was checking on the Daffodils – none are out yet. Drat.
13-03-11 (14)

The white side…
13-03-11 (12)

I really love this little dog.

This is my rock.
13-03-11 (8)

Pip knows not to go down the lane. She’s such a good girl.
13-03-11 (9)

13-03-11 (7)

This is our ‘Guard Dogs’ sign, to warn visitors about Ben and Jack. But hold on… don’t Ben and Jack have floppy ears?!
13-03-11 (15)

Drinking out of another puddle:
13-03-11 (19)

Despite the mud, Spring really has sprung – look at what I spotted in my Granny’s garden (photos taken through a window):
 13-03-11 (1)


The rare-bits-o’-good (well, that’s what my dad calls them anyway) are back!

In other news, Ben’s lady friend Star the Bernese Mountain Dog was at Crufts, and she came 3rd in Open Bitch – well done!

Star at the Hotel, looking very smug:

Congratulations! You can visit Star’s kennel page here: Kinelarty on Champdogs.

And Pip’s left her paw prints in the mud…
13-03-11 (10)

How fitting.


  1. Pip certainly is a beautiful dog:)

  2. You are looking lovelier with each passing day, Pip (Blush....)


  3. I never realized Pip was so young. For some reason I thought she was just a bit older. She is almost the same age as Bokeh. :)

    Congrats to Star, that is SO cool. We watched some of Crufts agility online.

  4. Happy Birthday, pretty Pip!!

  5. You know how we feel about that pretty girl:) Every day she gets more and more beautiful and we don't know how that is even possible. Ciara is quite impressed with those mudprints:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  6. Happy 7 months Little Pip! You sure are pretty and what a guard dog! That bunny looks kind of big - maybe she is about to have babies?

    Your pal, BIG Pip

  7. I adore those ears! So expressive, so cute. :)

  8. Pip is a beauty! Keep loving her!

  9. awww a muddy dog is a happy dog :D

    star is a gorgeous dog! if I had the space I would have one in a heart beat

  10. No argument here :)
    Pip is indeed very pretty! She makes me want to have a dog-sister

  11. PIP is one gorgeous pup..those eyes...I ran into a pup that looked just like you Pip a couple weeks, here, on the beach. We had a grand time! Cheers!

  12. Happy 7th month Birthday, Pip!

  13. You are such a pretty pip, Pip :)