13 March 2011

Pip, Santa & Lambs

Santa is a fellow everyone loves.
12-03-11 (7)

She loves that way he squeaks when she pounces on him.
12-03-11 (11)

This is exciting! I ♥ Santa!
12-03-11 (9)

Yesterday was quite a rainy day, but the sheep were happy because their grass was tastier.

Young Tilly:
12-03-11 (2)

12-03-11 (4)

And a curious ewe:
12-03-11 (3)

I couldn’t spot Young Tilly’s lambs, but Bubbles’ did make an appearance.

The white one is the male, the other the female.
12-03-11 (5)

As soon as they spotted me, though, they ran off with their mum.
12-03-11 (6)

And I spotted these two relaxing in the field as well.
12-03-11 (1)

Oh, the life of a sheep!


  1. Ah yes, the life of a lamb looks quite serene:)

    Your drawing turned out so very well - love that rainbow effect.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. Love Ben's picture. Let us know what your teacher thinks!
    Lots of cute sturdy lambs. Love it when they all get racing around, and if they have a bit of a hill or something they can run up and leap off, so much the better:)

  3. That did turn out awesome. I love it and all the colors.

    The sheep are so cute. :)

  4. Great picture. And I love the lambs. Yes, the life of a sheep seems quite wonderful. But even better is the life of the sheep dog! Smiles

  5. Great work on the peekture. Love it.

    The life of a sheep seems wonderful, but I think your sheep dogs have quite the life too!


  6. We loved the way you finished it! Neat concept! Very creative!

    Always seems like Spring when you see lambs! Love the pictures.

  7. very nice drawing :)

    pip looks so happy with santa!

  8. Fantastic drawings and beautiful sheep!

  9. Great job on the drawing! Will you frame it?

  10. That's a great drawing of Ben! It captures him very well. Definitely a keeper!!

  11. Dorothy - Not framing it yet. I have to leave it in school until it's marked by the examiners sometime this summer. I'll get it back in September/October. I'll probably frame it then!