9 April 2011

Four Pet Lambs in a Pet Pen

We've actually had these little cuties for some time - I just haven't managed to photograph them yet!

The group consists of this little ewe:

And this rather huge ram.

They started off in the "Sucking Station", before being weaned off and started on silage, which they really enjoy - just look at them!

Though they seem to be much more interested in the camera!

I'll try to keep you updated with their progress!

Update on Archie
Alfie left for a new home on Monday. He left with another lamb. They are both going to a new mum who sadly lost her lambs. Once again, I'll try to keep you updated!



  1. How cute. They liked to get close up of the camera huh?

    Hope Alfie enjoys the new home. :)

  2. I love your lambs! Wish we could have them too. I would like to chase them around in circles :)

    Emma Rose

  3. Oh the cuteness! I just love their pink ears and big, curious eyes.

    Your pal, Pip

  4. So adorable! Please keep up updated!