8 April 2011

Let's go outside!

Spring is finally starting to shine, so that means that there's plenty of time to have fun!


Ben is a bad player. He just jumps on Pip...
06-07-04-11 (20)

And Sheila looks a little confused/repulsed.
06-07-04-11 (22)

*Sigh*... Ben! Stop standing on other dogs! (And now Sheila's getting involved).
06-07-04-11 (23)

Poor Pip! No wonder she's unsure of these two!
06-07-04-11 (24)

But Sheila and Ben play in a different way...

It all starts when Sheila has the ball.
06-07-04-11 (1)

Then Ben does some "playing".
06-07-04-11 (3)

06-07-04-11 (4)
(Note Sheila's growing annoyedness).

 Then watch as Sheila looses her temper and chases him around a bit, grwoling at him the entire time.
06-07-04-11 (14)

06-07-04-11 (15)

Sheila then gets tired and sits down a bit.
06-07-04-11 (17)

And so does Ben.
06-07-04-11 (19)

After a sudden burst of enthusiasim, Ben ends up sitting on Sheila.
06-07-04-11 (13)

But where is Pip during this merry dance? She's watching, of course!
06-07-04-11 (11)

06-07-04-11 (18)

06-07-04-11 (8)

Meanwhile... the Mexican Standoff.
06-07-04-11 (9)
06-07-04-11 (10)~
06-07-04-11 (7)
And whenever Sheila gets cornered, she bursts out!
06-07-04-11 (5)


But Sheila always gets the ball in the end.
06-07-04-11 (26)

I also took advantage of another warm evening yesterday, and headed to the fields to search out Suckie and her lamb Georgia. It took me a long time to find Suckie, and the idea was that I would find her then she'd lead me to Georgia. When I did find Suckie, Georgia was nowhere in sight (Suckie's in the middle).
06-07-04-11 (28)

She didn't seem at all worried about her missing lamb.
06-07-04-11 (29)
06-07-04-11 (32)

Then, in the distance, I spotted a lamb with a pink nose, and I knew who it was straight away!
06-07-04-11 (34)

And just to prove me right, she ran over to Suckie.
06-07-04-11 (35)

And attempted to have a drink.
06-07-04-11 (37)

My, she's grown!
06-07-04-11 (36)

And I got a Grace update, too! She's doing increadably well, and apparnantly, I wouldn't know her if I saw her! I'm so glad she's had the happy ending she diserves.

The other lambs in the field were trying to get a nice tan.
06-07-04-11 (33)

06-07-04-11 (42)

Either that or they're begging for food!
06-07-04-11 (38)
06-07-04-11 (41)

Have a sunny weekend everyone!


  1. Yay for Spring time! I LOVE the first picture!!!

  2. Great to see Grace doing so well. Thanks for letting us know that all is well with Grace.

    Those pups play like we do, but it is usually Phantom doing the waiting and watching - OR acting as the fun police. Pip is just biding her time - when she is bigger and more confident, we bet she will rule the pack.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. Hee hee! I love those pictures of you all running! It looks like a pretty nice day there on the farm to me!


  4. That sure does look like lots of fun!

  5. love the top pic :D such happy looking dogs :)

  6. Oh the lambs are so cute! Are they as soft as they look? Green grass, sun shining... what a lucky family of dogs you have. :)

  7. Little Pip don't let them push you around!

    Your pal, Big Pip

  8. What a fantastic set of pics! I love seeing the pups playing. It's so nice to know Gracie doing well :)