22 April 2011

The Great, the Good and the Friday

Today, as you probably know, is Good Friday. It's Pip's first Easter so she was treated to a nice long walk.

We're actually experiancing a mini heatwave at the moment. The temperatures are soaring to 20ºC (which is hot for us), but today's supposed to be the end of it, with a high of 22ºC (much hotter for us)!

Pip's still interested in chasing the sheep a bit, and this time I forgot to bring the extendable lead so she couldn't chase them.

She mulled over it for a while...

...But in the end she decided to go for it.

But could I call her back? Oh no! The "red mist" decends over her when she sees sheep - she decides to be deaf for a while as she's having fun.

But unlike some dogs, she soon realizes that I'm not with her and she goes in search of me.

"Found you!"

Pip was ready for the next field.

Once there, she eyed up the flock again.

The flock quickly ran - and Pip ran after them. She wasn't as fast this time because she was tired, so the sheep managed to get away.

When she came running back, she was very tired. She just flopped down. Looks a bit sleepy I think...

Can someone please remind me to bring a lead next time?

Meanwhile, Sugar and Charlotte were taken outside. Charlotte seems to be enjoying the great outdoors.

Have a Good Friday!


  1. I'm loving this weather. Our sunshine should last all Easter weekend hopefully. I only go out in the morning and later afternoon though so I don't get too hot and bothered. That looks like a lot of exercise in the sunshine. Have a fun weekend xx

  2. Oh Pip what a fantastic walk you had! We wouldn't have been able to control ourselves with all thise woolly jumpers to chase. Hot here too but off to the woods now where it's a bit cooler. Dex & Lou x

  3. What gorgeous pictures! I particularly love the second one of Pip stalking the baaa sheep.

    Heatwave at 20degreesC :) You gave me such a good laugh! Our ugg boots and scarfs are out at that temperature (more or less what it is now here).

    Happy Easter. Hope you and all your very clean dogs have a wonderful one xox

  4. Happy Good Friday all. Ruth, I hope you and your family have a lovely Easter. Thank you for sharing such Gorgeous pictures. They are beautiful and make me want to visit Ireland very much. Pip sure is a pretty pup. What a fun day for her.

  5. Happy Good Friday! Little Pip is a grown up now. I love the pictures of her running and sneaking up on the sheep - I suppose they didn't like it much!

    Your pal, Big Pip

  6. Looks like Pip had an awesome time out there chasing sheep! I guess she's definitely got herding instincts then!

    Pip has the same look Riley has often in the picture where she looks sleepy...it's pure bliss! Pure joy! That's the look of contentment!

    Elyse and Riley

  7. Something tells us Pip will sleep well tonight:)

    Happy Easter.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  8. When I think of beautiful photos of sweet dogs and gorgeous landscape I come to your blog.
    Have a beautiful holiday weekend.

  9. I love your place!!! I wish I can visit your farm. So wide and full of green grass. I bet I might lose Kame or Kroten if I let set them free on your land.

    Pip as gorgeous as usual

  10. Thanks for the photos - Pip's fur looked gorgeous against the fresh spring grass!

  11. Your countryside views just take my breath away! Go Pip!!