23 April 2011

She's Under Control

This time I remembered to bring my extendable lead.

This is my old pal "Flippy", the extendable lead. It's about 10 years old now and has stood the test of time.

I used to have another one too, but it got broken. Sheila's wearing it here in 2006:

It was younger that Flippy, but didn't last as long either.

Ben wore Flippy on his first trip out and a lot of his other early trips:

I remember taking a younger Fly for walks using Flippy. She's wearing it here:

And that photo's from 2001, so I have proof that Flippy's 10-years-old.

But back to the main event. Flippy's job for today was to hold Pip back from the sheep.

And it worked. Pip decided to stay with me.

"Hi there!"

At first the sheep couldn't understand why the dog wasn't chasing them.

But just to be on the safe side, they decided to run for their lives anyway.

Such is Pip's reputation.

Because the lead was on, Pip spent most of her time looking up at me.

(The black splodge on her front leg is a splodge of grease, she sort of tried stepping over a greasy trailer hitch. And it went wrong).

Pip's under control!



  1. Hi Little Pip! You are all grown up! You sure look pretty looking up at your mom in those pictures!

    Your pal, Pip

  2. Pip loved meeting you this morning on the blog hop! Wish I had some sheep!

    I'm Pet Peeves. I'm dismayed at how people mistreat pets and today I'm participating in the HOWL Heard Around the World. Stop by my blog and leave a comment so that the huskies and sled dogs didn't die in vain.


  3. Such pretty dogs. Looks like they have enough to keep them busy for a lifetime with all those sheep!

  4. Wow, that leash sure has lasted a long time. Wish you many more years of use with some great pups. :)