1 May 2011

Meeting the Neighbours

The herd of cows that spends the Summer in the field next door has moved back in (or should that be mooved?).

Among them is little calf.

I'm not sure if it's a boy or girl - I don't know much about cows.

For his own safety, Ben was stuck in the Land Rover.

The rest of the cows kept a close ewe on him.

Ben was pleased to see me back.

Meanwhile, a lamb's gotten into a habit of standing on mum.

She's done it a few times, and she even tries to find somewhere comfortable to sit on mum's back. It's so sweet!

And can you believe that it's May already - where is the year going?


  1. Ben what a handsome boy you are! Those cows look mighty mooooody (hee hee) so we think you did the right thing staying in the safety of the car, Dex & Lou x

  2. You have a respectable herd of neighbors there, Ben. I think I'd stay in the car too. But little lambkins on top of it's mum is too cute for words! And the ewe is so tolerant (as mum's tend to be)!

  3. Those cows look huge and stout!!! Ben is a clever boy and stayed in the car.
    The little lamb is so adorable and this is the first time I see a lamb standing on its mom's back. It's really cute!!!
    I love your pictures as usual, beautiful scenery too!

  4. I really like that first picture of the cow and calf! They are so crisp and clear on the hazy background.
    The lamb is planning it's escape through the wider top bars:) We have chickens that sometimes ride around on the sheep.

  5. Ben is one smart puppy. No need to have a cow/s chasing or butting you, right! The baby lamb is precious...oh oh oh!

  6. I think the baby is pretty smart. Mum looks very comfy with all that puffy fur.

    Your pal, Pip

  7. awww at the little lamb :D nice comfy spot to see the world from

  8. What a patient momma sheep!

  9. That little lamb and her mama are adorable!