7 May 2011

The Sheepdog Sisters Turn Five!

Today, May 7th, is Sheila and Kim's birthday! They're five already and had a special cake to celebrate.

They wanted cake...

"Can I haz cake?"


But the peace didn't last long. After they finished the cake and got their four new toys, Kim was playing with one and I kicked a ball for Sheila. Sheila went after the ball, but Kim saw it moving and ran after it too. When both dogs wanted the same toy, a fight broke out. Kim grabbed Sheila by the shoulder and shook her like a rat (or a lamb in Kim's case). I ran over to the scene of the crime and managed to pull Sheila out of the way without getting bitten myself.

Sheila was limping badly. I checked her over and there were (amazingly) no puncture wounds. I kept the pair separate for the rest of the "party", but I was still in shock. Such a thing had never happened before.

But Kim was unharmed.

Kim was quite happy to have all of the toys to herself.

There she is with the ball that caused all of the problems in the first place.

Kim's favourite toy is this hedgehog.

I took Kim back to her kennel and brought Sheila to the garden. Even with a limp, she was playing.

But she couldn't resist playing with her old favourite!

Happy Birthday, Sheepdog Sisters!

(PS: If you found that birthday party a bit depressing, check out the much happier Four Years of Fun, Frolics and Flocks Sheepdog Sisters party of last year).



  1. Happy birthday to Sheila & Kim! What a great cake! My dogs are jealous. Too bad the party got a little violent... but all's well that ends well.

  2. Happy Birthday Ladies!

    Your pal, Pip

  3. 5-year old birthday parties do tend to get out of hand!!!

    Our favourite pics are the ones of Sheila and Kim waiting for cake!


  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHEILA AND KIM!!!! Looks to me like a very good day for everybody.... I loved this post.

  5. Happy Birthday to the two fabulous sisters, Sheila and Kim!
    The cake looks yummy!!!

  6. Happy Birthday to Sheila and Kim - you had a great cake there. Oh dear, sibling rivalry strikes again. Hope that Sheila is OK.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  7. Just started following you guys! Love the blog pictures, but it's sad that the sheepdog sisters had a fight on their birthday. Hopefully they won't have any lasting animosity now, and it's just a one-off.

  8. 5 years? Doesn't it just seem like yesterday.

    Very cute, looks like they had a great birthday.

  9. Happy Birthday, Sheila and Kim!! We get the sibling thing. It's forgotten by now!!

    Rottie Birthday Kisses!!

  10. Happy Birthday Girls! Hopefully just a little sisterly spat, soon forgotten.