8 May 2011

A Year of Sheila in Pictures

Yesterday, the Sheepdog Sisters celebrated their 5th birthday... quite violently. To celebrate this milestone, I'm taking a short trip down memory lane to see how Sheila and Kim have changed this year. First up is Sheila...

Celebrating her birthday at 4 years.

At 4 years, 1 month, she scared some ewes.

At 4 years, 2 months she resisted temptation.

At 4 years, 3 months she scared Ben.

At 4 years, 4 months she felt crowded by all of the brown dogs surrounding her (Pip had just joined the family).

At 4 years, 5 months she posed for the first time with some pumpkins.

At 4 years, 6 months she discovered a passion for riding in tractors.

At 4 years, 7 months she discovered that no snow in December STINKS!

At 4 years, 8 months she decided that the brown dogs were alright I guess...

At 4 years, 9 months Sheila had a Disc-Go!

At 4 years, 10 months she got to wear a colourful scarf.

At 4 years, 11 months she had a bath.

And at 5 years, Sheila gets into a fight with her sister Kim and hurts her shoulder. Will peace ever be restored?

Coming soon... Kim's year in pictures!


  1. What an eventful year for Sheila, she really knows how to live her life to the fullest!
    I wish she has many many more happy years to come!

  2. We hope Kim is doing better today.

    Great review of the past year - our favorite photo is the one of Sheila in her scarf.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. What a great year Sheila's had, well, except for a little sibling rivalry! I can see many more tractor rides in her future!!

  4. Aw, we thought it's cause she's a great dog model, then that you're a great photographer but now we know it's both and it's a great story, too!

  5. Wonderful photographs!! Sheila's eyes are SO intense. She looks like she's way smarter than any human - scary smart!! I hope the sisters have forgotten their disagreement!

    Rottie Kisses!

  6. Great photos of Sheila's year!

    We loved the one of her in the scarf in particular!

    take care
    Clive and Murray

  7. busy busy year!hopefully the shoulder is not too bad!

  8. My favourite photo of the bunch is the one from 4 years 11 months - Sheila's eyes are just gorgeous (and creepily human)! She's a beautiful dog.

  9. What an eventful year you had Sheila. No bath for 11 months, I'm all in favor of that! Someone needs to talk to my mom.