20 June 2011

To the Summer Field

I spend most of my Summer walking my dogs in this one field. It's huge and just in front of the house. Silage is made here, so the grass is usually very long or either very short. For the moment, it still growing... so not long, not short if you know what I mean.

Are you quite finished?

Yes. I think so.

Then to the Summer field!

The dogs love the running.

They run so fast, they are blurry (well, here Ben isn't, but he's camera friendly).

Warning. Warning. Collision immanent.

Once they've finished running, the dogs move on to phase two - rough play.

Pip checks Ben's teeth for tartar.

Ben checks Pip's neck for... uh, solidness? Tartar? Fluff? It's hard to tell.

Once Ben has finished checking Pip for stuff, he moves on the next victim play mate.

Guess who?

You may be wondering, where on earth does Pip go during this harassment? The truth is, she goes nowhere.

Pip just watches excitedly.

The final stage is being tired (the two in the back take a little longer).

Three steps, three very tired dogs, one field. It's gonna be a great Summer.


  1. Beautiful summer pictures for us too!

    They're so happy!

  2. Love that picture of all three of them running together. Little Pip is all grown up that's for sure!

    Your pal, Pip

  3. What beautiful action shots! Looks like your house is a lot of fun!

  4. A tired dog is a good dog:)

  5. What a happy pack! We are so excited that summer is here!

    Mack & Murph

  6. Looks like some happy, tired dogs.

  7. 3 happy tired dogs :) great photos of them playing :)

  8. You have an award waiting for you on our Monday morning blog!

  9. Hello hello !
    Your photos are wonderful like always...what a great dog life !!!

    Regards from Florence, Nana and Uyanga, in Japan.