Teddy's Toy Pile

Teddy loves playing.

And he's lucky because he's got a lot of toys to choose from!

He has to keep them all together so they don't try to run off.

Sometimes the toys fight back.

Posing with toys is very important too.

Let's just say that posing is very important.

Stay Off the Race Track

Walking early in the morning has it's disadvantages.

You get really wet.

But at least you have a good view of Pip's running.

Just stay off the race track, eh?

Prize-Winning Lady

I entered a photo competition a while back on a blog called Schnauzer Days (please visit them!), and a photo of Pip did the unthinkable... and won. This is the winning photo:

You may notice that Pip's a lot darker in it, and that's because it was taken in March, before she um... faded. You can see the photo in context here.

Anyways, we somehow won, and our prizes arrived on Wednesday, much to Pip's delight!

Of course, Teddy needs an excuse to appear in this post, so he stole borrowed Pip's new toy.

At least someone was having fun.

Then it came to the treats. True to form, Pip gently took one.

And Teddy stole borrowed two.

And promptly ate one and ran around with the other.

This is not the face of innocence...

...But the face of evil.

And on top of all that prize-winning awesomeness, there was a beautifully framed photo of Pip.

So a big thanks to Dex and Louis, everyone who voted for Pip, and a big thanks to the girl herself, Pip!

Did You Miss The Cat Food Crisis?

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My cousin James would like to remind you of our three-part story, The Cat Food Crisis. He's even made a poster.

Click here to start at chapter one.

Thanks to James for the images in this post.

A Lot to Learn

Ben's been very busy recently, teaching young Teddy how to behave like a guy...

This is how you roll over...

...And this is how you eat cardboard. Grab and pull.

As for the eating of the cardboard, Teddy didn't need any lessons there.

Ben also taught Teddy how to hug.

And how to get eaten. *Insert head here*

Teddy didn't need to learn how to look really cute!

He even taught himself how to use the tunnel.

As a thank you, Teddy tried to teach Ben how to climb under gates.

Oh. Ben can't do that.

Green Dog TV - Premier Teddy

Teddy's first Green Dog TV episode! Sorry it's so dark, but it was half nine at night, so I have an excuse, plus it looked brighter on the camera screen.

And They Called it Puppy Love

Teddy's been with us for over five days now, and already he's captured our hearts.

He has endless enthusiasm for whatever it is he's doing at the time - eating newspaper in a bag... or me.

Did I mention before that he's adorable?

Those ears are cool.

Can I have paw massage, please?

He can climb these steps all by himself.

And relax like the best of them.

I am NOT eating something I shouldn't be...

I am in love with this puppy.

Run for your lives, it's Auntie Pip!


And they called it Puppy Love...

...and it comes in the form of 8-week-old Teddy!